40 Under 40 The Class of 2011

Mark Germain: 34

Certified Public Accountant, Gomes, DaCruz, and Tracy, P.C.

Mark Germain

Mark Germain

During the work day, Mark Germain said he mostly specializes in small businesses, “from start-ups to companies with $50 million in sales.”
He said his office helps these companies with all of their accounting and management needs because “a lot of entrepreneurs can run their business, but maybe they need some help with the financial side of things.”
And it was through that dedication to his clients that he found a calling outside the office.
Since 2007, he has been a member of the Assoc. for Community Living (ACL), a Springfield-based organization whose mission is to “create opportunities, build relationships, and improve lives for children and adults with developmental disabilities and for others who will benefit from our services.”
The ACL was started more than 50 years ago by five young mothers of children with developmental disabilities who felt strongly that their families had the right to grow up with dignity in their own home communities. Germain has been the assistant treasurer since 2008, the chair of the Buildings and Property Committee, and a member of the Finance, Audit, Investment, and Executive committees.
He said the ACL “helps people who have struggled to help these youths get to where they are.
“The organization is the link between the family and the state, and we can help them with services,” he continued, “so these children feel more a part of the community than they have been able to. It’s a good bridge for the kids and their families.”
Germain said that involvement in community affairs is something that has always been important to him, even when growing up. “My mentors early in my career always encouraged that, saying it was the right thing to do.”
With two young children of his own, he said he hopes to instill his interest in community to the next generation of Germains. “Spending time with my family is important,” he said, joking, “I’d like to slow down a little.”
Like any successful accountant, of course, he knows the value of the important things.
— Dan Chase

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