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An Unsustainable Path   The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission (HPC) recently voted to issue the 2023 Health Care Cost Trends Report and comprehensive policy recommendations. Notably, the HPC reports that […]

A Banking Breakthrough?   Late last month, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee approved the Safe and Secure Enforcement and Regulation (SAFER) Banking Act, clearing the way for a floor vote. […]

The Constant Disconnect       Scott Blumsack is a general manager of Society Cannabis Co., a licensed retailer, wholesaler, and producer of cannabis products in Massachusetts. He oversees 16 […]


‘A Significant Step Forward’   Brianna Wales-Thaxton doesn’t see diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in a vacuum. In fact, she likes to take a long view. “We’re able to […]

Shannon Rudder

More Than a Seminar       Shannon Rudder remembers her “bad boss.” And she never wanted to be one. “What that bad boss did, what stuck out for me, […]

Testing, Testing When Megan Dobro earned a degree in molecular biology from Caltech, she wasn’t thinking about a career in cannabis, which wasn’t even legal in Massachusetts back then. But […]

Payton Shubrick

What’s Next for Cannabis? By the time Payton Shubrick opened the doors to 6 Brick’s Cannabis Dispensary in Springfield last fall, she was well aware of how challenging the business […]

Distributing Tangible Personal Property Can Cause Conflict By Hyman G. Darling, Esq.   Very often in preparing an estate plan, issues arise over the tangible personal property, also known as […]

Ten Tips on How to Approach a Difficult Topic   By the AARP Foundation   The reality is that some conversations are just plain difficult — even with the people […]

Inside This Year’s Planner When BusinessWest and the Healthcare News first started publishing an annual Senior Planning Guide, the idea wasn’t to create a roadmap to the end of life, […]

Journaling Is a Therapeutic Exercise for All Involved Lisa Berezin acknowledged she was moving out of her comfort zone. “Completely out of my comfort zone,” actually. Indeed, she had never […]

Nutrition-minded Older Adults Should Heed These Tips By Kimberly DaSilva with Carrie Taylor and Andrea Luttrell   Your nutritional needs change throughout your lifetime. Some physical changes may impact appetite, […]

How Seniors Can Maintain Mental Wellness By Behavioral Health Network   How can people continue to support their mental health and find ways to engage in life as they age? […]

Older Adults Have Plenty of Ways to Stay Physically Active By the National Institute on Aging There are lots of fun and simple ways to build exercise into your daily […]

Goals, Strategies Can Vary with Each Stage of Life By UMassFive Financial & Investment Services   By definition, estate planning is a process designed to help you manage and preserve […]