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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of October 2018.


City of Chicopee
28 Grove St.
$640,000 — Demolish Building 28 at former Uniroyal facility

Mario Docarmo
371 Chicopee St.
$15,800 — Roofing

E and R Realty, LLC
705 Meadow St.
$500,000 — Install fire sprinkler system in new cooler/freezer/loading dock

Chris Hellyar
258 Exchange St.
$20,000 — Repair porches, railings, and stairs; remove and replace fire egress staircase in rear of building


The Dumont Co.
9 Merrigan Way
$1,449,126 — Construct warehouse and office facility


Easthampton Congregational Church
116 Main St.
$4,685 — Partial roof replacement

Eastworks, LLP
116 Pleasant St.
$45,000 — Add ADA ramp with roof cover


Orange Theory Fitness
434 North Main St.
$351,000 — Tenant fit-out

Troon Realty
175 Benton Dr.
$16,000 — Walls in workout area

Vantage Point Retail
42 Center Square
$44,500 — Sheet metal for Chipotle

A Wondering Spirit
169 Shaker Road
$3,952.06 — Pellet Stove


Connecticut River Watershed Council
15 Bank Row
$89,910 — Install new 12-zone Dalkin heat pump system

Faith Baptist Church of Shelburne Falls Inc.
327-331 Silver St.
$140,000 — Strip steel siding, re-side with lap siding and stone wainscot, and move windows and one door

Inergy Propane, LLC
334 Chapman St.
$1,290 — Roofing

Quality Realty Partners II, LLP
55 Federal St.
$62,000 — Roofing

Rosenberg Property, LLC
311 Wells St.
$30,000 — Install solar panels on roof above PV Squared

Town of Greenfield
Glenbrook Drive
$51,971 — Install ground-mounted solar array

Mark Zaccheo, Barbara Zaccheo
136 Main St.
$23,700 — Roofing


E&A/I&G Campus Plaza, Ltd.
454 Russell St.
$20,600 — Remove checkout registers at Stop & Shop, install new registers and self-checkout

Five College Farm
319 River Dr.
$877,430 — Install roof-mounted solar panels

Martha Izer
235 Russell St.
$71,400 — Construct garage

Town of Hadley
100 Middle St.
Elevator shaft vent

Town of Hadley
21 River Dr.
$48,000 — Construct pavilion near ballfields and playground at South East School


American Dream Realty
55 Damon Road
$3,800 — Drive-thru canopy sign with speaker at Dunkin’ Donuts

American Dream Realty
55 Damon Road
$1,000 — Illuminated directional sign at Dunkin’ Donuts

American Dream Realty
55 Damon Road
$1,000 — Illuminated directional sign at Dunkin’ Donuts

American Dream Realty
55 Damon Road
$5,800 — Illuminated ground sign at Dunkin’ Donuts

American Dream Realty
55 Damon Road
$18,000 — Illuminated pylon sign at Dunkin’ Donuts

American Dream Realty
55 Damon Road
$2,600 — Illuminated wall sign at Dunkin’ Donuts

American Dream Realty
55 Damon Road
$2,600 — Illuminated wall sign at Dunkin’ Donuts

American Dream Realty
55 Damon Road
$1,300 — Non-illuminated clearance bar at Dunkin’ Donuts

320 Riverside Dr.
$10,400 — Build partition wall to divide office in half, install interior door, insulate sheetrock, trim finish

City of Northampton
North Maple Street
$2,000 — Replacement windows and doors at Spring Grove Cemetery

City of Northampton
125 Locust St.
$18,150 — Demolish and remove PDW barn building

Gerald Lafrance, Sandra Lafrance
29 North Maple St.
$12,700 — Office renovation


Arcoleo Realty, LLC
50 Maple St.
$200,000 — Alter medical office space on first floor

Baystate Medical Center Inc.
759 Chestnut St.
$294,318 — Alterations for mental-health unit project, anti-ligature upgrades

Breckwood Realty, LLC
455 Breckwood Blvd.
$60,000 — Alter tenant space for Joy Bowl restaurant

C & W Breckwood Realty Co.
1064 Wilbraham Road
$20,000 — Install canopy over rear loading dock

1724 Boston Road
$20,000 — Alter existing drive-up window at drive-up ATM

Express Gas & Food Mart, LLC
1103 State St.
$45,000 — Addition to mercantile space in gas station

Financial Plaza Trust
1350 Main St.
$39,095 — Alter tenant office space on 10th floor

Gordon Pulsifer
837 State St.
$39,000 — Remove exterior doors and jambs, replace with storefront doors

Springfield College
263 Alden St.
$60,000 — Alter lower level of campus union building for bookstore expansion

Springfield College
263 Alden St.
$20,000 — Remove and replace three roof-mounted cellular antennae for T-Mobile on dormitory

White Eagle Realty, LLC
139 White St.
$118,100 — Install roof-mounted solar panels, reinforced roof rafters


Eagle I Investment Co., LP
111 Park Ave.
$25,000 — Build new, accessible, unisex toilet; remove non-bearing walls; and construct new walls

Dave Laquercia
1362 Westfield St.
$1,500 — Reshingle section of commercial roof

Dave Turpin
330 Cold Spring Ave.
$25,000 — Install new loading dock


Tadpole Development Inc.
2343 Boston Road
$3,950 — New door and concrete ramp

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of August and September 2018.


James Acerra, Clark Dore
707-709 Main St.
$1,600 — Wall sign for Voltage Vape Shop

Vista Holdings, LLC
281-301 Shoemaker Lane
$42,575 — Remove membrane to insulation, install insulation and new membrane, install new collar drain

Walnut Plaza, LLC
365-385 Walnut St. Ext.
$24,000 — Demolish wall, enclose two doorways, and open one doorway


Gillen Development Corp.
409 Main St.
$1,000 — Create a hair salon in former Chamber of Commerce space

Kellogg Ave., LLC
17 Kellogg Ave., Unit A
$84,000 — Fit-out of tenant space

Pauline Lannon, et al
1151 West St.
Renovate four offices

Paul Properties Amshrew
50 Meadow St.
$71,250 — Roofing

Survival Center Inc.
138 Sunderland Road
$12,500 — Install walk-in freezer with outdoor remote refrigeration system on concrete pad


Berkshire Retail-C, LLC
205 Exchange St.
$32,000 — Tenant fit-out of two adjoining spaces to make one unit

Yi Chen
450 Grattan St.
$2,000 — Remove section of wall and frame and sheetrock part of wall

Jeffrey Neece, Theresa Neece
70 Maple St.
$22,000 — Roofing

Mitchell Nowak, Helena Nowak
21 Old Chicopee St.
$7,350 — Install shingles over existing layer and new ridge vent


Calvary Baptist Church
411 Main St.
$9,500 — Remove and replace roof, siding, windows, and doors

Keystone Enterprises
122 Pleasant St.
$7,000 — Interior buildout of Suite 109


American Tower Corp.
30 Benton Dr.
$25,000 — Antennas

East Longmeadow Wellness Center
250 North Main St.
$28,500 — Commercial alterations

Springfield Spring Corp.
311 Shaker Road
$132,095 — Roofing

Tom Roc, LLC
191 Chestnut St.
$7,250 — Roofing


142 Mohawk Trail Greenfield, LLC
142 Mohawk Trail
Erect two signs above fuel pumps attached to canopy column

142 Mohawk Trail Greenfield, LLC
142 Mohawk Trail
Erect two wave signs

142 Mohawk Trail Greenfield, LLC
142 Mohawk Trail
Replace two faces on existing free-standing post

278-302 Main St., LLC
282 Main St.
$84,761 — Fit-out existing space for a bakery

American Tower Corp.
180 Country Club Road
$12,500 — Remove telecommunications equipment that is no longer in use

Franklin County Agricultural Society
85 Wisdom Way
$2,500 — Install vent hood over cooking area

Greenfield Co-operative Bank
277 Federal St.
Change out two signs attached to building and faces of two free-standing signs

Greenfield Co-operative Bank
62 Federal St.
Replace two illuminated signs attached to building

K & C Real, LLC
201 Main St.
$51,800 — Install 38-panel solar array on roof

Rosenberg Property, LLC
311 Wells St.
$183,756 — Subdivide existing interior spaces to create new offices and conference room

Town of Greenfield
31 Nash’s Mill Road
Replace sign at Green River Swimming and Recreation Area

Town of Greenfield
50 Miles St.
Erect two free-standing signs for the Energy Park

Town of Greenfield
Sanderson Street
Erect two free-standing signs for Beacon Field


Pioneer Valley Waldorf School
193 Bay Road
$52,600 — Build science lab stations

Joseph Sykier
110 East St.
$1,927.30 — Weatherization

Target Corp.
369 Russell St.
$2,500 — Change face on sign

W/S Hadley Properties, LLC
337 Russell St.
$1,150 — Set up for seasonal Spirit Halloween store


Longmeadow Mall, LP
827 Williams St.
$2,000 — New sign for the Meeting House

Willie Ross School
32 Norway St.
$34,000 — Replace decking and add rails on two existing ramps and replace rear door


39 Main Street, LLC
33 Main St.
$2,500 — Illuminated wall sign for Lucky’s

City of Northampton
69 Maple St.
$1,250 — Build gear-storage room at Florence Fire Station

City of Northampton
80 Locust St.
$149,950 — Replace two gas-fired boilers with two new gas-fired boilers in Building A

Northampton Country Club
135 Main St.
$5,000 — Cleanup of burnt maintenance building

Trak Petroleum, LLC
54 Easthampton Road
Canopy sign

Wami, LLC
140 Main St.
$1,200 — Illuminated sign for AT&T, reface wall

Yokohama Ramen
88 Main St.
Illuminated sign


1964 Wilbraham Road
$17,600 — Install fire-monitoring alarm at Save-a-Lot

AJN Rentals, LLC
1464 State St.
$48,000 — Alter interior office space

Lazy Valley Winery Inc.
69 Parker St.
$13,500 — Change use from furniture store to microdistillery production sales

Bassam Yacteen, Hanan Yacteen
73 Liberty St.
$4,700 — Alter space for snack room and install exterior door at Omar Furniture


Susan Belosic
101 Clayton Dr.
$11,567.44 — Aluminum modular ramp system

Mike Bertara
100 Westfield St.
$35,500 — Roofing

Yousef Chehade
21 Highland Ave.
$21,000 — Strip and replace shingles

Abdul Khider
14 Burke Ave.
$12,250 — Install sliders in existing framework

Union Street Corp.
1150 Union St.
$247,000 — Roofing


Soccer City
2041 Boston Road
$1,000 — Add sprinkler head to hallway between Interskate 91 and the Print Shop