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Building Permits

The following business permits were issued during the month of February 2017.


Michael Poggi and Jill Dimonaco
305 Broadway
$13,500 — Infill existing communicating room opening on third floor; removal of cabinets and appliances from third-floor kitchem to create dining space

Rite Aid Corp.
1 St. James Ave.
$3,990 — Repair of masonry veneer where vehicle crash occurred

591 Memorial Dr.
$72,539 — Repair of cracks in concrete form deck slab and structural steel

Atrium Dental
100 Shaker Road
$48,000 — Fire alarm

Benton Professional Partners LLC
265 Benton Dr., Suite 101
$3,500 — Fire alarm system

Benton Professional Partners LLC
265 Benton Dr., Suite 104
$3,500 — Fire alarm system

Pioneer Spine and Sport Physicians
265 Benton Dr.
$18,400 — Sprinkler system

St. Mark Church
1 Porter Road
$9,700 — Insulation


Rinaldi’s Realty, LLC
410 Longmeadow St.
$38,500 — Roofing


327 Moody St.
$9,000 — Non-illuminated sign

Treasures of the World
309 East St.
$1,000 — Non-illuminated sign


River Valley Market
330 North King St.
$21,374 — Interior alterations to second-floor community room

Smith College
College Lane
$486,000 — Renovations to existing library, classroom, and office space

Smith College
25 Henshaw Ave.
$115,506 — Shoring and relocation of existing structural beam, install new structural beam, bearing posts, minor demolition, new finishes

Smith College
43 West St.
$55,300 — Interior apartment renovations

Thornes Marketplace
150 Main St.
$62,500 — Renovate and improve facades, install new ramp assembly to replace staircase


JMS North Main St.
1622 B North Main St.
$675 — Replace sign

Gaston and Donna LaFleur
80 Stimson St.
$15,000 — Install three remote radio units behind antennas at existing cell site


Bertelli Realty Group
979 Main St.
$150,000 — Roof repair, replacement windows, replace front upper facade

Century Investment
1985 Main St., Suite E
$3,500 — Wire new fire-alarm devices to existing fire-alarm panel

City of Springfield
50 Morison Terrace
$25,000 — Classroom ceiling renovation at Glenwood Middle School

284 Bridge St.
$6,800 — Install second-floor bathroom, renovations to stairs and walls, replacement windows

Mason Square Apartments
851-891 State St.
$125,000 — Install nine façade-mounted wireless communication antennas and associated ground equipment

Springfield SS LLC
340 Taylor St.
$180,000 — Removal of non-load-bearing walls, finishes, and freezer/cooler

State Street Retail, LLC
632 Boston Road
$487,510 — Complete exterior and interior building renovation


201 Park Ave. LLC
201 Park Ave.
$200 — Install steel door

Briarwood 8, LLC
174 South Blvd.
$11,125 — Roofing

Centaur Group
151 Capital Dr.
$6,000 — Enlarge overhead garage door opening

HL Foster Co.
154 Agawam Ave.
$18,100 — Roofing


Mark Andrews
78 Main St.
$14,000 — Modification of existing office space to add two new private offices and a new kitchenette


Joseph Dumas
1241 Stony Hill Road
$20,000 — Install three newer antennas and associated equipment alongside existing antennas

JPZ Inc.
2380 Boston Road
$25,000 — Upgrade to an existing cell tower

Valley Stone Credit Union
2002 Boston Road
$4,000 — Install two new dutch doors

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