Building Permits Departments

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of March 2017.


Chicopee Tower Nominee Trust
481 Center St.
$8,200 — Remove three existing antennas and install three antennas at existing wireless telecommunications facility

Chunida Inc.
450 Memorial Dr.
$12,300 — Install fire-alarm panel and connect

Elms College
291 Springfield St.
$8,200 — Remove three existing antennas and install three antennas


Keystone Enterprises
122 Pleasant St.
$6,980 — Install wall, interior build-out


Atrium Dental
100 Shaker Road
$48,000 — Fire alarm

Pioneer Spiner & Sport Physicians
265 Benton Dr.
$18,400 — Sprinkler system

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
1 Porter Road
$9,700 — Insulation

Town of East Longmeadow
60 Center Square
$6,960 — Fire alarm


American House, LLC
258 Main St.
$137,700 — Repair and remodel water-damaged basement

Sander Greenfield LLC
367 Federal St.
$1,100 — Relocate existing fire-alarm devices

Shree Vinayak Inc.
125 Mohawk Trail
$4,980 — Roofing


To Your Health LLC/Pulse
270 Russell St.
$115,000 — Interior renovations to commercial space, restaurant adding pizza oven

344 Russell St.
$175,000 — Tenant fit-out of existing space


GPT Longmeadow LLC
744 Bliss Road
$2,500 — New sign for Verizon


City of Northampton
42 Gothic St.
$1,000 — Interior renovation to office area

Lathrop Community Inc.
680 Bridge Road
$11,000 — Change uninsulated three-season room into insulated living space

Northampton Realty LLC
263 King St.
$11,750 — Four illuminated wall signs


Evan Morowitz
1045B Thorndike St.
$10,000 — Retail build-out, no structural or interior changes

S & S Market/Hashmi LLC
1520 North Main St.
$73,000 — Remodel store, update electrical, new counters, new floors, paint, install new handicap unisex bathroom, new roof and siding


Village Pizza
521 College Highway
$30,000 — Rebuild restrooms


Albany Road Springfield Plaza LLC
1355 Liberty St.
$10,500 — Remove three existing antennas and add three antennas to an existing wireless communications facility

Burger King
400 Cooley St.
Replace framing under window, replace glazing, exterior masonry under window, and interior finishes under and around window

Chestnut Park
10 Chestnut St.
$9,300 — Install three antennas at an existing wireless communications facility

1550 Main St.
$891,262 — Interior renovation, including new wall framing, flooring, electrical lighting, plumbing for staff kitchen, new ceilings, HVAC

Morgan Kaylee, Maggie Rivera
2559 Main St.
$37,000 — Roofing

Pride Convenience Inc.
1225 Parker St.
$5,000 — Relocation and modification of hot and cold beverage service areas and equipment

Xiao Ting Dong
1195 Sumner Ave.
$15,000 — Interior renovation to beauty salon


Country Bank
79 Main St.
$2,285 — Sign


635 Riverdale St., LLC
30 Wayside Ave.
Construct a car wash and detailing facility

Cedar Enterprises Inc.
644 Riverdale St.
$900,000 — Erect a commercial building for a Wendy’s

Cumberland Farms
22 Park St.
$90,000 — Erect a convenience store

Davter 198 Norman St. Realty Trust
330 Cold Springs Ave.
$28,750 — Roofing

Doty River, LLC
500 Riverdale St.
$1,215,880 — Interior and exterior renovations to existing car dealership

Salamon Realty, LLC
63 Myron St.
$55,385 — Roofing


Wilbraham Animal Hospital
2424 Bosto

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