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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of May 2018.


1514 Main St., LLC
1514 Main St.
$4,500 — Illuminated ground sign

Agawam Veterans Housing, LLC
702 South Westfield St.
$11,300 — Erect pre-built shed on property

CH Realty VII/CG Mact Bird, LLC
6 Lealand Ave.
$14,000 — Two ground signs and one wall sign

PCT Realty Ventures, LLC; BRN Mustang, LLC
265 Main St.
$190,000 — Roofing

Rayonia Motors, LLC
521 River Road
$2,450 — Ground sign


Central Amherst Realty Trust
33-37 East Pleasant St.
$1,000 — Install smoke detector and CO detector


John Boryczka, Linda Boryczka
508 Montgomery St.
$5,200 — Roofing

Dwight Manufacturing
165 Front St.
$33,136 — Verizon Wireless to replace existing antennas with new models and replace remote radio heads

E and R Realty, LLC
285 McKinstry Ave.
$6,975 — Demolish storage building

Thomas Fotiathis
105 East St.
$66,850 — Demolish fire-damaged building

Meadow Street Partners, LLP
317 Meadow St., Unit 1
$1,000 — Install partition wall to separate office area

Westover Airport
255 Padgette St.
$180,000 — Re-roof terminal building


Keystone Enterprises
122 Pleasant St.
$20,000 — Install garden wall fence

Plauterman Enterprises, LLC
9 Chapman Ave.
$4,424 — Rebuild chimney

Willison Northampton School
19 Payson Ave.
$5,000 — Renovate bathroom


443 Shaker Road
$97,325 — Erect two steel silos

24 North Main St.
$32,765 — Antenna


Baystate Franklin Medical Center
164 High St.
$26,140 — Remove existing windows on west side of building, infill, and insulate

15 Greenfield St.
$1,500,000 — Construct pre-engineered factory building

OM Greenfield Realty Trust
45-49 Main St.
$1,500 — Remodel space for a church

Town of Greenfield
209 Wells St.
$17,000 — Pour concrete foundation for modular building

Melissa Winters, Christopher Sexton
126 Deerfield St.
$10,000 — Repair siding


Jones Properties, LP
438 Russell St.
$10,150 — New and altered wall and ground signs at Chili’s

Parmar & Sons
340 Russell St.
$58,872 — Pool at Homewood Suites


Bliss Williams, LLC
679 Bliss Road
$2,500,000 — Alter existing Big Y supermarket; add former hardware store, café, and barber shop into existing space

Longmeadow Country Club
400 Shaker Road
$118,500 — Build open pavilion


94 Industrial Drive, LLC
94 Industrial Dr.
$15,200 — Install new siding and doors

The Coca-Cola Co.
45 Industrial Dr.
$150,000 — Tea brew skid

Paul Picknelly
118 Conz St.
$144,100 — Remove and replace two bathrooms and break area

Smith College
30 Lyman Road
Demolish building

Thornes Marketplace, LLC
150 Main St.
$25,350 — Renovate and alter ramp on first floor, modify Suite 40 to accommodate new ramp landing

Whiting Energy Fuels
300 King St.
$59,250 — Replace damaged support column and siding where car hit building


Bay Liberty, LLC
15 Girard Ave.
$12,000 — Install six new remote radio heads and replace three old ones

Big Y Trust
1070 St. James Ave.
$200,000 — Alter tenant space for expansion of Kool Smiles dental office

Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
12 MGM Way
$600,000 — Install fire-alarm system in entertainment area at MGM Springfield

C & W Breckwood Realty Co.
1064 Wilbraham Road
$466,676 — Alter tenant space for Save-A-Lot grocery store

City of Springfield
1015 Wilbraham Road
$974,321 — Alter two art classrooms and storage rooms into new science classrooms at Duggan Middle School

CNR Springfield, LLC
655 Page Blvd.
$42,196 — Install modular office at CRRC assembly plant

Crown Atlantic Co., LLC
22 Birnie Ave.
$25,000 — Replace three existing antennas with three new antennas, replace three remote radio heads, and add three remote radio heads

Charles D’Amour, Donald D’Amour
90 Memorial Dr.
$50,000 — Alter space to isolate existing cell-tower control room from rest of building

Derrick Hatwood, Dana Hatwood
50 Chapel St.
$25,000 — Replace three existing antennas with three new antennas, replace six remote radio heads, and add nine remote radio heads

Jon Realty, LLC
230 Verge St.
$25,000 — Alter existing cell tower

1295 State St.
$100,570 — Alter drop ceiling in existing third-floor office area

535 Page Blvd.
$3,000 — Extend roof over existing rear patio at Mike’s East Side Pub

Sovran Acquisition, LP
40 Congress St.
$45,000 — Alter interior space to add steel storage units at Life Storage

Westfield Bank
1342 Liberty St.
$103,000 — Erect bearing walls for four new offices

Westrock CP, LLC
320 Parker St.
$420,000 — Roofing


Cold Spring Medical, LLC
182 West St.
$3,000 — Repair existing sign structure

Nicorn, LLC
4 Longview Ave.
$6,000 — Roofing


Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave.
$524,900 — Construct new barn

Eastern States Exposition
1115 Memorial Ave.
$28,875 — Roofing

Reda Ishak, M.D.
120 Westfield St.
$1,500 — Build separating wall, renovate existing commercial business space

1227 Union St.
$56,585 — Add second floor to existing office with set of stairs

Purple Diamond Realty
52 Baldwin St.
$1,800 — Reoccupy existing building and erect partition wall; wire in new lights in work area


New Life International
4 Stony Hill Road
$4,200 — Three signs

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