Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of September 2021. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


18 Piece Chicopee LLC
15 Railroad Row
$18,000 — Install fire-alarm system

City of Chicopee
154 Grove St.
$810,985 — Demolition and asbestos removal

City of Chicopee
154 Grove St.
$21,000 — Five concrete masonry unit infills on back side of building with rebar every 24 inches on center

Crown Atlantic Co. LLC
514 Montgomery St.
$70,000 — Dish Wireless to install antennas, ancillary tower, and ground equipment at unmanned wireless facility

Guardian Property Management
82 Rivers Ave.
$2,793.05 — Modify existing fire-alarm system, install cellular communicator for fire-alarm monitoring, replace heat detectors on exterior porches

Guardian Property Management
88 Rivers Ave.
$2,793.05 — Modify existing fire-alarm system, install cellular communicator for fire-alarm monitoring, replace heat detectors on exterior porches

Karen Hansmann
238 School St.
$64,944 — Replace siding, 25 windows, and entry door

Orange Park LLC
35 Center St.
$30,000 — Roofing

Joaquin Rodriquez
1098 Chicopee St.
$7,000 — Overhead door, drywall, and service door


CBR Realty Corp.
191 Russell St.
N/A — Install exterior door in Tandem Bagel office


Exotic Auto Service & Sales LLC
12 Russell St.
N/A — Install four new signs

North Hadley Properties LLC
2 East St.
N/A — Renovate two bathrooms

W/S Hadley Properties II LLC
353 Russell St.
N/A — Remove exterior wall mural at LL Bean and replace with exterior insulation finishing system


M&M Lodging LLC
435 Laurel St.
$7,500 — Replace windows and sliding patio door


Housatonic Hotel LLC
194 Pittsfield Road
$200,000 — Demolition and removal of asbestos material in hotel


1924 LLC
49 Round Hill Road
$8,000 — Bathroom renovation

American Tower Corp.
114 Glendale Road
$35,000 — Install antennas and radio heads, ground equipment

Colvest/Northampton LLC
327 King St.
$35,000 — Install antennas

Continental Cablevision of Western New England Inc.
790 Florence Road
$35,000 — Install antennas

Florence Cannabis
131 Texas Road
$88,000 — HVAC minisplits and dehumidifiers

LLC Nine Pearl
9 Pearl St.
$1,000,000 — Interior renovation to District Attorney’s Office and interior buildout of Massachusetts State Police

RVC Properties
330 North King St.
$7,895 — Replace post bases at front canopy with plinths


El Gato Grande LP
455 Dalton Ave.
$8,400 — Modify existing fire-alarm system for new construction

Foresight Associates LLC
1496 Housatonic St.
$43,264 — Roof construction

O’Connell Oil Associates Inc.
480 West Housatonic St.
$3,500 — Install fire-suppression system in commercial kitchen exhaust hood

White Terrace Realty Inc.
592 North St.
$5,000 — Securing and boarding up due to fire


88 Birnie EAT LLC
88 Birnie Ave.
$147,575 — Install pre-fabricated storage lockers in lower level of U-Haul Moving & Storage

Patrick Alexander, Janice Alexander
22 Hiram Ave.
$18,000 — Install solar panels to detatched garage roof

2760 Main St.
$20,000 — Patch roof for new kitchen hood and wall

Big Y Foods Inc.
90 Memorial Dr.
$70,000 — Dish Wireless to add three cellular antennas and associated equipment to existing monopole tower

Big Y Foods Inc.
2145 Roosevelt Ave.
$861,225 — Alter cafeteria and kitchen facilities at Big Y Foods Support Center

John Brown
115 Starling Road
$18,297.60 — Install solar panels to detatched garage roof

Brylo LLC
51 Dale St.
$129,250 — Add office space to existing garage building

Carew Street Development LLC
70 Bond St.
$1,204,500 — Interior upgrades and upgrades of tenant office space at Department of Social Security

Drama Studio Inc.
41 Oakland St.
$34,000 — Remodel two basement bathrooms

Richard Elfman
19 Hampden St.
$78,200 — Roofing at dental office

Ministerio de Ensenanza Teologica Ani Ma Amin Yo
1001 Worthington St.
$18,000 — Remove and replace drywall in two bathrooms of church

St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral
22 St. George Road
$313,683 — Remove and replace accessible ramp and install new modified entry door at St. George Greek Orthodox Cultural Center