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Court Dockets

The following is a compilation of recent lawsuits involving area businesses and organizations. These are strictly allegations that have yet to be proven in a court of law. Readers are advised to contact the parties listed, or the court, for more information concerning the individual claims.


Horizons Engineering Inc. v. Chicopee Inn Inc., d/b/a Econo Lodge and Dinesh Patel
Allegation: Non-payment for services rendered: $16,350.50
Filed: 9/30/15


West County Equipment Rentals, LLC v. Sugarloaf Nurseries and David and Charlotte Smith
Allegation: Breach of agreement for rental agreement: $7,771.88
Filed: 10/5/15


Ciocca Construction Corp. v. Baystate Co. d/b/a Columbia Gas
Allegation: Negligence causing massive explosion, personal injury, and property damage: $590,000+
Filed: 10/7/15

Coyote Realty, LLC v. Total Wellness Center, d/b/a CleanSlate
Allegation: Breach of lease agreement: $220,000
Filed: 10/9/15

Earl and Stacy Lannon v. Kadant Black Clawson Inc.
Allegation: Product liability causing permanent personal injury: $286,743.16
Filed: 10/28/15

Kate Dunne, PPA Tara Dunne and Michael Dunne v. Baystate Ob-Gyn Inc., Debra J. Junnila, M.D. and Julie M. Bell, C.N.M.
Allegation: Medical malpractice: $1,100,000+
Filed: 10/5/15

New England Family Dentistry, P.C. v. Supreeth Veevanna and Children’s Dentistry of Chicopee, LLC
Allegation: Breach of contract: $60,000+
Filed: 10/14/15

Pablo Torres v. The Silverbrick Group and 15 Taylor, LLC
Allegation: Breach of lease agreement: $25,000+
Filed: 11/2/15



Brett Fongemie v. Champion Steel, LLC,  Mark E. Gervais, and Bruce B. Bouchard
Allegation: Non-payment of wages: $25,000
Filed: 9/22/15

Miriam Rivera v. Joe Dias d/b/a Care Improvement Inc.
Allegation: Breach of contract for home-improvement services: $10/13/15

Perkins Paper LLC v. Fiore’s Bakery, LLC
Allegation: Non-payment of goods sold and delivered: $8,986.25
Filed: 10/20/15

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