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The following is a compilation of recent lawsuits involving area businesses and organizations. These are strictly allegations that have yet to be proven in a court of law. Readers are advised to contact the parties listed, or the court, for more information concerning the individual claims.


Juliana Rodriguez v. Virgilio Property Management Inc.

Allegation: Slip and fall causing injury: $3,665

Filed: 8/8/17


Ben Ortiz v. Roberto’s Sports Bar & Grille Inc. d/b/a the Zone

Allegation: Head injury and laceration from being thrown on the ground by a bouncer or employee of the defendant: $7,027.90

Filed: 8/21/17


Gregory Neffinger v. Town of East Longmeadow

Allegation: Defamation: $250,000

Filed: 8/1/17

Theodore Davidson and Susan Davidson v. OSJ of North Adams, LLC

Allegation: Negligence: $796,105

Filed: 8/4/17

Briarwood Seven, LLC and Madison Square Realty Management Inc. v. Thielsch Engineering Inc., Creative Environment Corp., and Gary F. Welch d/b/a Welch Plumbing and Heating

Allegation: Breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligent design and installation: $500,000+

Filed: 8/4/17

Camfour Inc. v. PTR Industries Inc.

Allegation: Money owed for goods sold and delivered: $165,790

Filed: 8/9/17

Victoria Noble v. Big Y Foods Inc.

Allegation: Slip and fall causing injury: $309,272.61

Filed: 8/9/17

Lyazzat Tleubergenova v. Dr. Minghao Chen, P.C. d/b/a Holyoke Mall Dental Health Center and Sinan Shisha, D.M.D.

Allegation: Assault and battery and wrongful termination: $39,269.39

Filed: 8/10/17

Catherine Morrissey, John Morrissey, and Mary Morrissey v. Massachusetts Youth Soccer Assoc. Inc., Pioneer Valley Youth Soccer League Inc., and Massachusetts State Referee Committee Inc.

Allegation: Personal injury: $3,324.58

Filed: 8/11/17


The Axxion Co., LLC v. Nash Contracting Inc., et al

Allegation: Breach of construction contract: $118,000

Filed: 8/11/17


The Pep Boys v. Freddy Rosario a/k/a Freddy J. Rosario Jr. a/k/a Fred Rosario a/k/a Fred Rosario Jr. d/b/a the Car Guy

Allegation: Money owed for goods sold and delivered: $5,882.36

Filed: 7/31/17

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