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Court Dockets

The following is a compilation of recent lawsuits involving area businesses and organizations. These are strictly allegations that have yet to be proven in a court of law. Readers are advised to contact the parties listed, or the court, for more information concerning the individual claims.

Cory Bartson v. 2 Guys Auto Sales Inc. and Efrain Santana
Allegation: Defendant breached a contract by failing to reimburse the plaintiff for the purchase of a vehicle and one-half of the profits of the resale value of the vehicle: $9,950
Filed: 3/25/14

Action Air Inc. v. Reed McNaughton d/b/a Dr. Energy Saver, Karen M. Brown, and William J. Bates
Allegation: Failure to pay under the terms of a construction agreement: $10,000
Filed: 3/21/14

Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co. v. Christopher R. Porter Builders Inc.
Allegation: Unpaid workers’ compensation policy: $34,719.20
Filed: 3/19/14

Matthew Brackman v. Reliant Medical Group Inc.
Allegation: Breach of contract: $100,000
Filed: 3/14/14

Robin Murphy v. Hu Ke Lau Inc. and Edison L. Lee
Allegation: Failure to pay wages: $75,000
Filed: 3/17/14

Teddy Bear Pools Inc. and Theodore Hebert v. Eastern States Exposition and Eugene Cassidy, as president of Eastern States
Allegation: Injunctive relief for civil-rights violation and breach of contract: $300,000
Filed: 3/31/14

Easthampton Savings Bank v. Sun Technical Services Inc. and Robert W. Humphreys
Allegation: Breach of contract: $91,104.75
Filed: 3/10/14

Roger J. Belanger v. Stiebel Properties
Allegation: Plaintiff struck and injured by snow falling from a roof: $82,569.22
Filed: 2/4/14

Open & Shut d/b/a Raynor Door Sales v. Runnals & Sons Construction Services Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of construction supplies and services rendered: $22,014.28
Filed: 3/4/14

John W. Bresnahan v. General Mills Inc.
Allegation: Negligence in manufacturing of Wheaties Fuel causing injury when plaintiff tried to ingest: $24,000
Filed: 2/27/14

Judith Dickson v. Hampshire Village Condo Assoc.
Allegation: Negligent maintenance of property causing slip and fall: $24,599.99
Filed: 2/14/14

Pave, Tile, and Stone Inc. v. Nonotuck Mills, LLC
Allegation: Breach of contract and failure to repair or remediate contamination: $25,000
Filed: 2/26/14

Tracy Gousy and Lori Hull v. O.C. White Co.
Allegation: Non-payment of vacation pay upon separation from company: $3,600
Filed: 4/10/14

HIBU Inc. f/k/a Yellowbook Inc. v. James B. Lynch d/b/a J&B Landscape Construction
Allegation: Monies due for breach of contract, monies loaned, advertising, and services rendered: $11,394.96
Filed: 3/24/14

Jacqueline H. Glasco v. F.P.S. Inc. and Burger King Corp.
Allegation: Negligent maintenance of property causing slip and fall: $4,166.55
Filed: 2/27/14

Joan Wollmershauser v. Mercy Hospital
Allegation: Automated door struck plaintiff in the face causing injury: $14,651.37
Filed: 2/4/14

Logic Business Loans Inc. v. Smart Restaurant Inc. d/b/a Fresco Ristorante and Thomas Smart
Allegation: Breach of contract: $14,592.16
Filed: 3/18/14

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