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The following is a compilation of recent lawsuits involving area businesses and organizations. These are strictly allegations that have yet to be proven in a court of law. Readers are advised to contact the parties listed, or the court, for more information concerning the individual claims.

Diana Baker v. Davol, LLC and the Creative Pines Motel
Allegation: Negligence in property maintenance causing fall: $3,269.56
Filed: 5/29/14

Amanda Silva v. the Snows, LLC d/b/a Snowzees, and Agnes C. Ting and James C. Ting
Allegation: Negligence in property maintenance and breach of duty of reasonable care regarding the construction of a handicap ramp with a defective gap at the bottom of the ramp causing trip and fall: $23,334.90
Filed: 5/1/14

Susan Lyons Watkins and Lee Mark Watkins v. the Town of Shutesbury
Allegation: Negligent storage of road salt causing contamination of residential well: $100,000+
Filed: 4/24/14

U.S. Electric Services Inc. d/b/a Hampden Zimmerman Electric Supply Co. v. D.A. Sullivan and Sons, et al
Allegation: Non-payment of goods, materials, and equipment: $52,142.51
Filed: 4/23/14

GEM Mechanical Services v. Advantage Construction Inc., Two Fathers, LLC, and JimBob Realty, LLC
Allegation: Plaintiff is seeking to enforce a mechanics lien claim arising from the provision of materials, equipment, and services for a construction project: $15,662.74
Filed: 6/17/14

Anthony Trevelli v. Cyalume Technologies Inc., Zivi Nedivi, and Michael E. Bielonko
Allegation: Failure to pay commissions: $29,000
Filed: 6/12/14

Keating-Wilbert Vault Inc. v. Ryder Funeral Home
Allegation: Non-payment of services rendered: $45,302.95
Filed: 6/11/14

People’s United Bank v. Roofer’s Edge Inc. and Jeffrey S. Leader
Allegation: Failure to make payments on a promissory note: $13,235.05
Filed: 6/19/14

Timothy Scott and Frederick L. Scott v. David White, ITP VOIP Inc.
Allegation: Fraudulent use of credit card: $1 million
Filed: 6/12/14

Granite State Insurance Co. v. Max Salvage Maintenance Inc.
Allegation: Breach of contract and failure to pay: $13,316.05
Field: 5/27/14

Janet LaFond v. Manomednet, LLC
Allegation: Negligent maintenance of property causing fall: $6,440
Filed: 5/27/14

Commerce Insurance a/s/o Judy Joaquin and Melinda Alves v. Fed Ex Ground Package System Inc. and Kenneth Allen Jr.
Allegation: Negligence in the operation of a FedEx truck causing a rear-end collision: $10,608.73
Filed: 5/27/14

Javier Rivera and Igdalia Rivera v. the Commerce Insurance Co.
Allegation: Damages for improper denial of coverage: $5,670.44
Filed: 6/3/14

J. Roger St. Amand d/b/a Pro Pack Co. v. the Colad Group, LLC
Allegation: Failure to pay sales commission: $2,273.00
Filed: 6/11/14

Martin Topor Oil Inc. d/b/a Central Oil v. W & I Construction Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of distribution and oil services rendered: $14,644.03
Filed: 6/12/14

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