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Elms College Enjoys Visit from Earl of St. Andrews

CHICOPEE — Elms College received a visit from the Earl of St. Andrews, a senior member of the House of Windsor, the reigning royal house of the U.K., on March 20.

George Philip Nicholas Windsor, Earl of St. Andrews, is the elder son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, and his wife Katharine, Duchess of Kent. He holds the title Earl of St. Andrews as heir apparent to the Dukedom of Kent.

The earl’s grandfather was King George V, and his father is Prince Michael, the Duke of Kent, titles he will presumably inherit when his father passes. He is currently 37th in line for the throne.

The earl stopped by Elms College on his way through Springfield to attend a conference on the Middle East in Washington, D.C. later this week. The conference is co-sponsored by the Next Century Foundation, where he serves as a trustee with retired diplomat Mark Hambley, also a trustee of Elms College.

He is attending the conference, and visiting Springfield and Elms, in his capacity as Next Century Foundation trustee and also as the chancellor of the University of Bolton in the U.K.

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