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Fallon Leads GCAi Effort To Become A Certified Google Partner

SPRINGFIELD — Google has awarded Garvey Communication Associates Inc. (GCAi) with a Google Partner designation, a unique certification that designates a company as an experienced and trusted online advertising expert. Under the direction of Media Director Mary Fallon, the agency has built up a team of Google AdWords qualified individuals and achieved its partner designation through “demonstrated expertise, experience, and a measurably high level of customer satisfaction,” the Google description of partner qualifications. “Online advertising is very complicated and constantly evolving,” said Fallon, an individually qualified Google AdWords planner. “The Google AdWords network provides access to incredibly powerful online advertising tools and platforms. We spend the time getting certified each year as well as building and managing campaigns so our clients don’t have to. They just receive highly measurable results.” GCAi AdWords planners must pass certification exams each year and in several different categories. Those rigorous standards ensure that the agency continues to build high quality campaigns and apply best practices as quickly as they develop. The agency has recently run successful campaigns for financial institutions and colleges. “All of the social media marketing and online advertising platforms we use, including Google, are constantly in flux,” noted Fallon. “It’s important that we stay up to date with every algorithm tweak, system upgrade, and protocol change. Therefore the learning process never truly ends.” Fallon is a Cum Laude graduate of the Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst. She serves on the board of directors for The Advertising Club of Western Massachusetts and helps mentor startups for MassChallenge in Boston. 
GCAi is an innovative digital marketing agency that uses SEO PR, online advertising, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, and online reputation management to generate results for its clients.