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Leadership Pioneer Valley Producing Positive Results for Careers and Community

SPRINGFIELD — Leadership Pioneer Valley (LPV), now in the recruitment process for the fifth year of its ten-month leadership development program, has seen positive results in careers and community as a result of participation in the program. LPV, working with Denny Consulting has evaluated skills transfer, learning, and career and community impact of both program participants and alumni over the past four years. The overall satisfaction with the program has increased each year, with 100% rating the program as ‘good’ or ‘excellent (54%). The LPV curriculum focuses on developing leadership skills, creating broader connections, and increasing regional understanding leading to action. LPV’s evaluations reported attainment of these goals in each of these areas.
Connections: Nearly all (99%) of LPV participants reported having made meaningful connections with fellow participants, and 64% reported having made meaningful connections with other leaders met through opportunities provided by the program;
Leadership Skills: Participants reported statistically significant skill increases in collaboration, leading teams, creativity, confidence, managing conflict, and understanding personality types.
Cultural Competency: 76% of participants increased their cultural competency;
• Career Advancement: 53% of alumni have a new leadership role at work, while 29% have taken a new job with increased responsibility.
Community Engagement: 64% of alumni have joined a new board of directors and 31% of alumni have initiated a new community project.
“We are astounded to already be making such an impact in the region after only four years,” said Lora Wondolowski, executive director. “It is incredibly humbling to see the kind of changes that our alumni are making as a result of their participation in Leadership Pioneer Valley.”

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