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Living Local 413 Hosts First Annual Meeting

SPRINGFIELD — Living Local 413, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the Western Mass. business community become stronger and more self-sustaining, hosted its first annual meeting on May 31 at Center Square Grill in East Longmeadow. The event marked the introduction of Robert Barkett, the newly appointed executive director, and featured a ceremonial presentation to thank state Rep. Brian Ashe for securing a $100,000 grant awarded to Living Local 413.

Attendees included Living Local 413 members, partners, volunteers, and supporters who share a common vision of building a vibrant and sustainable local business ecosystem.

“Mr. Barkett’s impressive background in community development and his strong leadership skills make him an invaluable addition to the Living Local 413 team,” Living Local 413 President Bill Cole said. “His appointment as executive director positions the organization for continued growth and the effective execution of its mission.”

The gathering also featured a special ceremony to express appreciation to Ashe for his instrumental role in securing the $100,000 grant for Living Local 413. “This substantial contribution will empower the organization to expand its impact and implement essential initiatives that benefit the local community,” Cole said.

During the event, Cole addressed attendees and reflected upon the organization’s recent achievements and milestones. He also shared insights into the strategic direction of Living Local 413, as well as critical initiatives for the upcoming year.