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LUSO Federal Credit Union Earns Designation of Savings Excellence

LUDLOW — LUSO Federal Credit Union, a financial cooperative locally owned and operated by its members since 1971, recently received the Designation of Savings Excellence from America Saves for the third consecutive year. This award recognizes the achievements of the top-performing credit unions that surpass the expectations of their members, the public, and the financial experts at America Saves.

“Words can’t express how happy and excited we are to be in this position for the third year in a row,” says Jennifer Calheno, president and CEO of LUSO Federal Credit Union. “To be given this designation time and time again is a true testament to the tremendous hard work and dedication our employees put into their livelihoods every day. This was truly a team effort.”

The Designation of Savings Excellence recognizes and honors the hard work and integrity of credit unions that are able to successfully achieve their goals of compelling people from low- to medium-income households to open and contribute to a wealth-building account. LUSO Federal Credit Union has consistently hit its mark and, in the process, helped members learn the value of personal savings and garner the skills and confidence to make smart financial decisions.

“America Saves Week has presented us with the perfect opportunity to educate our distinguished members and pass along sound money-saving and spending advice,” Calheno said. “One of the main reasons we’re able to keep helping our members achieve their financial goals is because of the efforts put forth by this important event. We encourage our members to set their financial goals in stone and share them on social media and our website so they can get a concrete sense of what they’re striving for and how they can accomplish those goals effectively.”

America Saves Week, a campaign run by America Saves, aims to help people understand and come to terms with their current financial standings, reduce debt, and increase saving capabilities by teaching people to spend within their means.