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Community Pride

Community Pride Pride Stores

Pride Stores recently donated $25,000 to the Center for Human Development’s (CHD) MaryAnne’s Kids Fund, which was established to provide opportunities for children in foster care that would otherwise be unavailable to them. This donation will help continue to provide these children the means to pursue special interests in music, dance, art, sports, summer camps, and extracurricular education, and an overall positive influence that will remain with them throughout their lives. “Pride does so much for MaryAnne’s Kids, helping foster children have opportunities that would not otherwise be available to them,” said Jim Williams, CHD’s Children and Families Program director. “We are grateful to have such a great partner in the community.” Every year, Pride Stores sells $1 ornaments in each of its 30 locations during the holidays to support MaryAnne’s Kids. “We are grateful to all the Pride customers who support this important fund-raiser,” said Marsha Del Monte, president of Pride Stores. Pictured among CHD staff and volunteers are Karen Nystrom, Pride’s director of marketing (second row, third from left), Del Monte (fourth from left), and Williams (fifth from left).



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