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Sarno to Speak at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

SPRINGFIELD — Mayor Domenic J. Sarno will be traveling to Cambridge today to speak to a group of approximately 100 students interested in urban renewal and economic development. The students are all graduate students at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with experience in economic development and urban planning. Students have been reviewing case studies in economic development and renewal projects that have worked and failed. Sarno will be speaking about economic development and Springfield’s revitalization. Sarno will be providing a perspective on how to grow and sustain a city in today’s urban America. Topics will include an overview of the city of Springfield and its history, demographics, income, as well as issues relating to: affordable housing, access to transportation, poverty reduction, economic development, and access to quality education. Commenting on the invitation to speak, Sarno stated, “it is an honor to be invited to speak to tomorrow’s leaders. Providing a firsthand account of the tireless work done here in Springfield; from bankruptcy to rebirth during the “great recession”, is remarkable. I look forward to sharing our story with the next generation.”

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