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Shawn Wrisley Launches Total Business Solutions NE

CHICOPEE — For as long as he can remember, Shawn Wrisley has watched small businesses in Western Mass. grow from ideas to seedlings to thriving success stories. And for him, watching those other businesses grow provided not only inspiration, but satisfaction as well.

“I take more enjoyment in watching small businesses grow than in watching a Wal-Mart or Target pop up,” Wrisley said. “I want to deal with small businesses. And that’s who Western Mass is. The mom-and-pop small businesses here are our lifeblood.”

So when Wrisley, a Greenfield native, neared his 40th birthday this year, he decided it was time to take his years of payroll experience and start Total Business Solutions NE, a small business-solutions company that offers payroll, insurances, merchant services, bookkeeping, and accounting. Headquartered in Chicopee, Total Business Solutions NE provides solutions to small and medium-sized businesses throughout Western Mass.

“I’m here. I’m local. I’m not a big corporation,” Wrisley said. “There aren’t a lot of layers here. When you call TBS, you’re going to talk to me — to the same person every week.”

With his back-office solutions, Wrisley said, he’s able to accomplish everything bigger payroll companies can accomplish, but with a small-business heart. In addition to payroll and merchant services such as credit-card processing, he offers all insurances: home, life, auto, workers’ compensation, liability, and health.

“I can run my business and service my clients in a very hands-on way,” he said. “I’m the business owner now, and what comes with that is the flexibility to be able to do the things that clients ask me for.”

Brian Savlick, co-owner of Friendly Ride Transportation in Springfield, said working with TBS allows him to keep his business local. “Shawn is personable and customer-service oriented,” he noted. “He takes my business seriously and provides exceptional customer service and knowledge of the products he sells.”

Katie Clifford, Owner of Salon 241 in Northampton, said she’s able to contact Wrisley directly whenever necessary. “Shawn is honest and reliable, looking out for the best interest of my business. When I have questions or issues, I know I can get Shawn on the phone and he will handle things in a prompt manner. He allows me to focus on my business with excellent customer service.”

Added Wrisley, “I don’t know how to run a salon or a restaurant, but what I do know is that it’s much easier for those small-business owners to use someone like me who takes as much pride in their businesses as I do my own. Watching other people become successful is incredibly rewarding.”

The benefit of working with TBS, Wrisley said, is that all services are provided through one source. “Whether it’s payroll or insurance or merchant service or bookkeeping, I’m the one company that serves all those needs. As a small-business owner, I understand that everything is so complex. I offer simplicity for the small-business owner.”
For more information, visit www.totalbusinesssolutionsne.com.

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