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HOLYOKE — On Tuesday, state Sen. John Velis announced that $164 million in federal grant funding has been awarded to the Executive Office of Veterans Services for new construction at the Holyoke Veterans’ Home, the first award in $263.5 million of federal funding for the project.

“Today’s announcement has been a long time in the making and is an important step toward making a new Holyoke Veterans’ Home a reality,” said Velis, who chairs the Legislature’s Veterans and Federal Affairs Committee. “This process started back in the spring of 2021 with the passage of the Legislature’s bond bill, and it is truly exciting to see this federal funding come to fruition. This new facility, and this funding, will help ensure that the future residents of the Holyoke Veterans’ Home and veterans across the Commonwealth receive the care with honor and dignity that they have earned in service to our nation.”

As chairman, Velis championed the passage of the $400 million state bond bill last session that ultimately resulted in this federal grant from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs State Home Construction Grant Program. After passage of the bond bill, the state was able to apply for the VA Construction Grant Program and received conditional approval last year. The Holyoke Veterans’ Home has now officially entered a memorandum of agreement with the VA and will receive the rest of the $263.5 million in future fiscal years. The remaining $136.5 million for the project will come from the state.

The reconstruction of the Holyoke Veterans’ Home is currently underway and coincides with the ongoing rebuilding of the Chelsea Veterans’ Home. In total, the Holyoke project includes 234 long-term-care beds, nursing support, and community spaces for veterans.