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WILBRAHAM — Giombetti Associates, a leadership institute providing behaviorally based talent-development and acquisition services, will host the second of three three-day leadership training programs for 2021 from on Sept. 28-30 at the Delaney House in Holyoke.

“We were so excited to finally return to in-person sessions back in June,” said Ross Giombetti, president of Giombetti Associates. “These training sessions are very hands-on, and our participants benefit greatly from the group atmosphere. We continued our coaching throughout the pandemic, but a computer screen is not the same as a face-to-face interaction.”

This intensive course covers the power of Performance Dynamics and how it can help participants know themselves better; different leadership styles and what makes them effective or ineffective; the importance of being vulnerable and transparent; how to build interpersonal relationships; what effective onboarding is and how it will help participants’ organizations and employees; how to be an efficient communicator; the best way to deliver developmental feedback; building teamwork and the value of team building; and trust, integrity, and more.

Prior to training, each participant goes through Performance Dynamics, an assessment that consists of three personality inventories designed to identify 17 different traits that drive personality and behavior. Then, in an interactive, one-on-one feedback session, the participant develops a newfound self-awareness of their behavioral strengths, learns how to manage their personality more effectively, and gains an understanding of how their personality impacts others.

Throughout the three-day training, the participant is encouraged to constantly refer to and link their personality to the leadership issue being discussed. All the subject matter is wrapped around individual personality and how it affects behavior in different situations, yielding a unique experience of self-exploration.

“This leadership training can benefit anyone in any work environment,” Giombetti said. “Whether the individual is in a leadership position or not, this program can help them to develop skills they can use in the office and in their personal life to grow and develop relationships.”

To learn more about Giombetti’s three-day leadership program, which has an additional session scheduled in November, visit giombettiassoc.com/three-day-leadership-training-program. Registration is now open for both sessions.