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It’s All in the Details


The pandemic has upended many activities; however, contractors are continuing to work to modernize homes across the country.

Professional remodelers are taking on extra safety precautions to help meet the needs of homeowners during the pandemic. If you’re interested in remodeling your home, consider the following advice from the Home Builders & Remodelers Assoc. of Massachusetts to help put your mind at ease, so you can comfortably start your next home-remodeling project.


Find a Remodeler That Prioritizes Safety

If you’re ready to start your remodeling project, you’ll want to work with a professional committed to keeping you and your family safe during a remodel. The best place to start is by utilizing a directory of professional remodelers. The National Association of Home Builders has a directory of professional remodelers dedicated to the highest professional and safety standards during the pandemic.


Ask About Safety Precautions

After you’ve narrowed down your list of potential professional remodelers, ask questions related to safety. A qualified remodeler will be forthright and answer any questions you may have about personal protective equipment, social distancing while in your home, and other concerns about sanitation or other potential hazards.


Establish an Online Communication Channel

When you’re working with a professional remodeler, you’ll have to discuss details about your project, from evaluating your design ideas to agreeing to the scope of work. Talk to your remodeler about what areas of the planning process can be discussed online instead of meeting in person. Some remodelers may even request a virtual tour of your home through a video call. Photos, design ideas, measurements, and estimates can also be shared electronically. If you must meet with your contractor in person, practice social distancing and wear a face covering.


Discuss Your Living Arrangements

If you’re working from home or if you have kids who are distance learning, tell your contractor. A professional will provide guidance on how to minimize significant disruptions, including those related to plumbing or electrical work. If you have small children, most professionals will be willing to remove tools at the end of each work day or place them out of reach as an extra safety precaution. A contractor can also erect temporary walls to minimize dust in your primary living areas.


Communicate Clearly

The most important thing to remember if you’re moving forward with a remodeling project during the pandemic is to keep an open line of communication with your contractor via videoconference or phone — and be flexible. Your remodeler may take extra time to ensure extensive cleaning while undergoing your project. Due to the nature of the pandemic, other unexpected delays may occur. A dose of extra patience may be required during this time, but a professional remodeler will remain committed to safety without jeopardizing quality workmanship.


Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of September and October 2018.


64 Dulong Circle, LLC
64 Dulong Circle
$1,000 — Add sprinkler head to building

Campagnari Construction, LLC
122-124 Pine St.
$135,000 — Repair fire-damaged structure, including new heating, electric, plumbing, and roof

Christy Real Estate, LLC
710 Fuller Road
$59,400 — Remodel office area and two bathrooms on first floor, remodel bathroom in basement, painting basement walls, and install new carpeting

Houston Enterprises Inc.
1307 Memorial Dr.
$34,000 — Roofing at KFC restaurant

R Squared Realty
63 Olea St.
$1,645 — Roofing

David Roy
490 Meadow St.
$12,000 — Roofing


Deerfield Academy
15 Academy Lane
$81,975 — Remove and replace insulation

Deerfield Academy
10 Wells St.
$9,280 — Remove and replace shingles

Deerfield Academy
20 Wells St.
$8,400 — Remove and replace shingles

Deerfield Industrial, LLC
5 Industrial Dr. West
$207,834 — Construct new facade


Connecticut River Watershed Co.
15 Bank Row
$102,216 — Install 66 solar panels on roof

305 Wells St.
Free-standing sign for Camelot Carpet Cleaners

Franklin Associates
87-91 Main St.
Change faces of free-standing sign for Wilkins Insurance Network

Four Rivers Educational Foundation
248 Colrain Road
$35,200 — Replace barn roof

Pierce Brothers Gourmet Distributors Inc.
47 Silvio O. Conte Dr.
Change face of sign for Pierce Brothers Coffee


Longmeadow Medical Arts Center, LLC
21 Dwight Road
$36,000 — Signs

Longmeadow Medical Arts Center, LLC
21 Dwight Road
$36,000 — Signs

Longmeadow Medical Arts Center, LLC
21 Dwight Road
$2,000 — Signs

Longmeadow Medical Arts Center, LLC
21 Dwight Road
$1,600 — Signs

Longmeadow Medical Arts Center, LLC
21 Dwight Road
$25,000 — Signs

Ryan Tunstall
34 Hillcrest Ave.
$15,000 — Install small cell antenna on existing utility pole for Berkshire Wireless Corp.


Clinical & Support Options Inc.
29 North Main St.
$3,000 — Replace exterior stairs and landing

Community Legal Aid
20 Hampton Ave.
$3,800 — Add partition wall and exterior door

Smith College
51 College Lane
$11,000 — Add two bottle fillers

Smith College
100 Green St.
$10,000 — Modify existing cabinets and countertops in Ford Hall to accommodate new chemistry hoods

Think Tank Brewers, LLC
9 Pearl St.
$1,000 — Illuminated wall sign


Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
99 Union St.
$12,000 — Install fire-alarm system at MGM maintenance building and kennel

C & W Breckwood Realty Co.
1060 Wilbraham Road
$25,000 — Add three cellular antennas and nine remote radio heads to existing AT&T tower

Elfran, LP
771 Page Blvd.
$50,000 — Alter interior space at McDonald’s restaurant, including new self-ordering kiosks and lighting-fixture replacements

Mittas Hospitality, LLC; DD Development, LLC; Rudra Realty, LLC
1500 Main St.
$330,000 — Alter interior space for Community Bank branch reconfiguration


Avson Brewing, LLC
89 Baldwin St.
$176,376 — Interior renovations to existing commercial structure, install new exterior doors and windows

William Bayton
163 Norman St.
$1,526 — Install new fire/security combo panel and components


Bellasophia, LLC
2343 Boston Road
$3,950 — New door and concrete ramp