Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of September and October 2018.


64 Dulong Circle, LLC
64 Dulong Circle
$1,000 — Add sprinkler head to building

Campagnari Construction, LLC
122-124 Pine St.
$135,000 — Repair fire-damaged structure, including new heating, electric, plumbing, and roof

Christy Real Estate, LLC
710 Fuller Road
$59,400 — Remodel office area and two bathrooms on first floor, remodel bathroom in basement, painting basement walls, and install new carpeting

Houston Enterprises Inc.
1307 Memorial Dr.
$34,000 — Roofing at KFC restaurant

R Squared Realty
63 Olea St.
$1,645 — Roofing

David Roy
490 Meadow St.
$12,000 — Roofing


Deerfield Academy
15 Academy Lane
$81,975 — Remove and replace insulation

Deerfield Academy
10 Wells St.
$9,280 — Remove and replace shingles

Deerfield Academy
20 Wells St.
$8,400 — Remove and replace shingles

Deerfield Industrial, LLC
5 Industrial Dr. West
$207,834 — Construct new facade


Connecticut River Watershed Co.
15 Bank Row
$102,216 — Install 66 solar panels on roof

305 Wells St.
Free-standing sign for Camelot Carpet Cleaners

Franklin Associates
87-91 Main St.
Change faces of free-standing sign for Wilkins Insurance Network

Four Rivers Educational Foundation
248 Colrain Road
$35,200 — Replace barn roof

Pierce Brothers Gourmet Distributors Inc.
47 Silvio O. Conte Dr.
Change face of sign for Pierce Brothers Coffee


Longmeadow Medical Arts Center, LLC
21 Dwight Road
$36,000 — Signs

Longmeadow Medical Arts Center, LLC
21 Dwight Road
$36,000 — Signs

Longmeadow Medical Arts Center, LLC
21 Dwight Road
$2,000 — Signs

Longmeadow Medical Arts Center, LLC
21 Dwight Road
$1,600 — Signs

Longmeadow Medical Arts Center, LLC
21 Dwight Road
$25,000 — Signs

Ryan Tunstall
34 Hillcrest Ave.
$15,000 — Install small cell antenna on existing utility pole for Berkshire Wireless Corp.


Clinical & Support Options Inc.
29 North Main St.
$3,000 — Replace exterior stairs and landing

Community Legal Aid
20 Hampton Ave.
$3,800 — Add partition wall and exterior door

Smith College
51 College Lane
$11,000 — Add two bottle fillers

Smith College
100 Green St.
$10,000 — Modify existing cabinets and countertops in Ford Hall to accommodate new chemistry hoods

Think Tank Brewers, LLC
9 Pearl St.
$1,000 — Illuminated wall sign


Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
99 Union St.
$12,000 — Install fire-alarm system at MGM maintenance building and kennel

C & W Breckwood Realty Co.
1060 Wilbraham Road
$25,000 — Add three cellular antennas and nine remote radio heads to existing AT&T tower

Elfran, LP
771 Page Blvd.
$50,000 — Alter interior space at McDonald’s restaurant, including new self-ordering kiosks and lighting-fixture replacements

Mittas Hospitality, LLC; DD Development, LLC; Rudra Realty, LLC
1500 Main St.
$330,000 — Alter interior space for Community Bank branch reconfiguration


Avson Brewing, LLC
89 Baldwin St.
$176,376 — Interior renovations to existing commercial structure, install new exterior doors and windows

William Bayton
163 Norman St.
$1,526 — Install new fire/security combo panel and components


Bellasophia, LLC
2343 Boston Road
$3,950 — New door and concrete ramp