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NORTHAMPTON — Steve Herrell, founder of Steve’s Ice Cream in Somerville and Herrell’s Ice Cream in Northampton, announced the release of his new book, Ice Cream and Me. The book is somewhat biographical and contains stories from his 41 years as an innovator in the ice-cream industry. It is illustrated by local artist Allie Martineau.

Herrell started ice-cream making at his business, Steve’s Ice Cream, in 1973, offering a creamy and dense ice cream and originating the mix-in. He created such notable flavors as Cookies ‘n’ Cream and Heath Bar Crunch. These innovations revolutionized the ice-cream industry.

According to Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s, “Steve Herrell is an icon and literal giant in American ice cream. Ben and I were thrilled to meet Steve in his original store near Boston in the early ’70s. It was there that he introduced the ice-cream mix-in to the world and mechanically altered a freezer to bring back a rich, creamy ice cream. His book is full of fantastic stories, good humor, the challenges and rewards of an entrepreneur, and surprising tales that will delight you and leave you feeling hungry for a sundae!”

Ice Cream and Me is available at Broadside Books, A2Z Science and Nature, and Booklink Booksellers, all in Northampton; Amherst Books in Amherst; Odyssey Bookstore in South Hadley; and on Amazon by clicking here.