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Tattoo Afterlife Celebrates Grand Opening in Northampton

NORTHAMPTON — On Nov. 8, Tattoo Afterlife, located in the former car-dealership space on the corner of Pleasant and Pearl streets, celebrated its grand opening with guest artists and an afterparty at One Bar & Grill. Matt Olivieri and Timmy Barnes, the partners behind Tattoo Afterlife, invested more than $250,000 into transforming the space into a high-end tattoo studio and showcase for the artists’ work.

Olivieri is the entrepreneur behind Redemption Aftercare, an organic, vegan, petroleum-free balm designed to be applied during and after a tattoo. Barnes, known as “Timmy B.” in the tattoo world, is a renowned tattoo artist with several sponsorships, including Rockstar energy drinks. Olivieri and Barnes originally owned a tattoo shop on Long Island before relocating to Barnes’ native Pioneer Valley.

In addition to Timmy B., Tattoo Afterlife’s resident artists include Justin Harris, Lindsay Baker, Sam Fiorino, Jonathan Penchoff, and Doug Sparks. Tattoo Afterlife is committed to tattooing as a holistic experience to be conducted with organic inks and accompanied by proper diet and skin care. As part of that focus, the space also houses Tranquillity Massage, which is available to customers looking to relax before getting tattooed.

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