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The Student Prince & the Fort Thank Springfield Fire Department with $1,200 Donation

SPRINGFIELD — When fire alarms sounded at 8 Fort St. on Feb. 24, everyone braced for the worst as smoked filled the Student Prince & the Fort restaurant. However, the Springfield Fire Department arrived on the scene within minutes, found the source of the smoke in an electrical junction box in the basement, and the restaurant survived with reparable smoke damages.

“We wondered how we could ever thank our local firefighters for saving our restaurant,” said Managing Partner Andy Yee. ”We decided that, while our local firefighters hosted an event for the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts (PFFM) at the Student Prince, we would raise some funds for our local heroes.”

The Student Prince & the Fort organized the IAFF Local 648 PFFM Block Party Event & Fundraiser on June 11 and donated a generous portion of the proceeds, $1,200, to the IAFF Local 648. It was a festive affair, with firefighters from all over the Commonwealth coming together with the local Springfield community to celebrate.

“It was our pleasure to present the firefighters with a gift of appreciation for coming to our rescue in February and saving Springfield’s landmark restaurant,” Yee added. “We are honored to present the Local 648 with this gift, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.”

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