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Whalley Computer Associates Announces Partnership with Cynet

SOUTHWICK — Whalley Computer Associates has joined forces with cyberattack defender Cynet to offer customers an enhanced layer of protection with an autonomous breach platform.

The joint venture between the two IT solution providers offers customers another cybersecurity option to keep data safe with state-of-the-art prevention and detection.

“WCA has a very diverse set of customers of all sizes and from a variety of industries,” said Paul Whalley, WCA vice president. “We are pleased to add Cynet to our security portfolio. We believe it is a great solution that has the features large companies expect with a small to mid-size company price.”

Rovi Barnea, head of Channel for North America, echoed Whalley’s sentiment and said the partnership also allows WCA to make the most up-to-date, comprehensive protection available at a reasonable cost for even the smallest security teams.

“This is a great partnership to help security teams that are already stretched thin,” he said. “For organizations outside the Fortune 500, the ability to consolidate multiple security tools into a single pane of glass means they can gain greater visibility into their environments and offer better protection without straining their budgets or teams.”

Cynet pioneered the autonomous breach-protection platform and offers cybersecurity to organizational security teams already stretched thin by the resources demanded to integrate and employ disparate solutions across frequently complex and wide-ranging security needs.

The Cynet 360 platform secures organizations of every size, deploying and integrating across thousands of endpoints in hours, and providing all the fundamental capabilities of NGAV, EDR, UEBA, Network Analytics, and Deception solutions, plus backing through its frontline CyOps, a team made up of SOC experts available 24/7.