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AIC Ranks Among Top 10 Colleges in State for Starting Salaries

SPRINGFIELD — American International College (AIC) has been named among the top 10 colleges and universities in Massachusetts for starting salaries.

SmartAsset, a financial-technology company that studies and reports on a variety of topics, including home buying, refinancing, retirement, insurance, loans, and colleges, has compiled information on “best-value schools,” including college tuition, student living, and starting salaries.

This study considered starting salary, as well as scholarships and grants, tuition, living costs, and student-retention rate. With those factors calculated, AIC placed 10th for starting salaries of recent graduates, surpassing some big-name schools in the Boston area.

SmartAsset gave 25% weighting to starting salary, tuition, and living costs, and 12.5% weighting to scholarships, grants, and student retention rate to determine a ranking of schools in its analysis. The average starting salary for recent AIC graduates was $54,100, only $100 less than ninth-ranked Tufts University in Medford. Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge topped the list at $74,900.

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