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American Eagle Financial Credit Union Donations Support Three Organizations

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. — American Eagle Financial Credit Union (AEFCU) announced the recipients of more than $27,500 in donations from the latest round of the credit union’s popular Cash Back to the Community quarterly program. The second quarter’s winners — three nonprofits from AEFCU’s service area that were chosen by the local community — will each receive $9,187.

The newest winners of American Eagle’s Cash Back to the Community include Around the Worlds of Ellington, That Newfoundland Place of Coventry, and Creative Living Community of Connecticut, which is based in Coventry. An impressive 2,448 votes were cast by AEFCU members and the general public during the two-week voting period, determining which of the 215 local nominees would receive a financial boost from American Eagle to support their work in the community.

In total, AEFCU has donated $137,148 to nonprofits in AEFCU’s service area since the program’s inception, including $50,727 since the start of 2021.

“This was our strongest quarter since the Cash Back to the Community program began, and we are so tremendously pleased with its continued growth and popularity,” said Dean Marchessault, president and CEO of American Eagle Financial Credit Union. “What began as an idea on how we could give back to our community in a new, innovative way has morphed into one of the most engaging and successful charitable initiatives in our region. We congratulate and thank our latest winners for all they do for our members and community, and we want to encourage other organizations to remain or get involved in future rounds of this worthwhile program.”

Since January 2020, AEFCU has donated 1% of its credit- and debit-card interchange income to three nonprofit and/or 501(c)(3) organizations each quarter through the Cash Back to the Community program. Funding for the program is generated each time its members use an American Eagle Financial Credit Union credit or debit card.