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Barron & Jacobs Offers Tips for a Successful Construction Project

NORTHAMPTON — Planning and scheduling are crucial for any project, from a small-scale remodel to a complex addition build. No matter the scope, it is important to know what needs to be done, when it needs to happen, and how to accomplish the process. Barron & Jacobs, a Northampton-based design/build/remodeling firm, offers the following considerations to ensure a successful construction project.

• Failing to plan is planning to fail. Chris Jacobs, president of Barron & Jacobs, recommends that a certified licensed contractor be consulted at the onset of the project. In addition to understanding and possessing the skills to execute the build, a professional’s keen design eye can lend itself to the overall concept.

“Homeowners may underestimate the number of steps involved in a build and the amount of time needed to complete the project,” he added. “Many variables exist; for example, permitting can take a day, months, or more, and should be factored in to planning.”

• Great remodeling happens by design. While it is the home or business owner’s responsibility to communicate the objectives of a particular project, it is the responsibility of the designer to prioritize requirements to bring the design to life. This is the stage of the project where the scope will be determined. The use of 3-D CAD and rendering technology can allow the finished project to be viewed even before construction has started.

“One of the benefits of working with Barron & Jacobs are the real-looking renderings we offer as part of our services,” Jacobs said. “Having the benefit of considering the design, particularly over the fall and winter months when many welcome in visitors, will give the homeowners a chance to consider if the design, as laid out, meets their needs. That way, when the project begins in the spring, it does so with everyone’s full confidence.”

• Check references. In addition to calling references, it might behoove a homeowner to visit projects completed by the prospective contractor. If enough time is built in to a project, the fall and winter months lend themselves to car rides to investigate a team’s design aesthetic on completed projects.

As they say, perfection takes time. It is unrealistic to expect an addition to be completed in time for a summer family reunion if the project begins a few weeks prior, in the spring. While there are variables to consider when factoring in the length of a project, there are some estimations that can be offered: attic conversions can take four to eight weeks, kitchen remodels 12 to 16 weeks, and decks one to three weeks.

“If you are considering a home remodel, it is best to approach a professional at least four months prior to your desired completion date,” Jacobs said. “Aside from initiating the process, our team at Barron & Jacobs can ensure a smooth process from concept to completion.”

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