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Berkshire Bank Boosts Sustainability with Nexamp Community Solar

BOSTON — Berkshire Bank has chosen Boston-based Nexamp as its community solar provider to reduce costs and improve sustainability. Founded more than 170 years ago, Berkshire Bank operates 130 branches across seven northeastern states. By enrolling in the Nexamp community solar program, the bank is taking an active role in the advancement of clean energy.

Corporations and large organizations looking to embrace clean energy have a number of compelling options today, but a community solar subscription provides a unique opportunity in scale and savings potential, while helping to green the grid in the areas they work. Nexamp operates hundreds of community solar farms that generate clean electricity fed directly to the local utility grid and allocates the value of that energy to subscribers to help reduce their monthly electric bills. Through solar net metering agreements available in the program, Berkshire Bank is subscribing to a significant portion of the community solar farm in Hadley.

“Renewable energy plays a major role in our overall sustainability strategy, which include policies and programs designed to enhance our environmental performance and increase our efficiency,” said Gary Levante, senior vice president of Corporate Responsibility at Berkshire Bank. “We are committed to transitioning our energy use to lower carbon alternatives, and, by subscribing to community solar, we are able to do that while also reducing our overall costs, an added benefit. We chose Nexamp for the simplicity and proven performance of its community solar program.”

Community solar continues to expand, providing options for those who want to go solar but do not have the resources or infrastructure to install panels on their property. More businesses are embracing the advantages of distributed solar, such as enhanced sustainability and reduced operational expenses.

“Corporations are increasingly prioritizing sustainability and looking for innovative ways to reduce their environmental footprint within the communities they serve,” said Joe Fiori, director of Business Development at Nexamp. “By integrating a mix of renewable energy, efficiency measures, and other intentional programs, these organizations are able to make a real difference. And with community solar, the benefits are available to individuals as well as corporations and other organizations.”