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HCC Announces ‘Flexible Fall’ Start Dates

HOLYOKE — Given the uncertainty of the times heading into a new school year, Holyoke Community College (HCC) is offering two “Flexible Fall” start dates in addition to its traditional fall semester start next week following Labor Day.

For most students, the fall semester at HCC will begin Tuesday, Sept. 8. For those looking for more flexible academic options, however, HCC is also running two sessions of accelerated, full-credit classes that will begin on Monday, Sept. 28, and Wednesday, Oct. 28.

Sept. 28 start classes will run for 12 weeks. Oct. 28 start classes will run for seven weeks. All fall courses will conclude by Dec. 16.

“We know how unsettled everyone’s lives are due to the pandemic, especially the lives of families juggling jobs and childcare and parents who may not yet know where they will be working or where their children will be for school,” said Rachel Rubinstein, HCC’s vice president of Academic and Student Affairs. “We hope that, by offering more flexible fall options, students will be able to find a schedule that works best for them, and that students who need to delay decisions about college can do so without fear that they will miss out on an entire semester.”

The late-start courses are being offered in accounting, anthropology, biology, business administration, career readiness, communication, education, economics, English, health, math, psychology, sociology, and sustainability.

No matter the start date, all HCC classes this fall are being offered in one of three formats: online, blended remote, and blended face-to-face. Online courses follow a traditional, asynchronous online model with coursework deadlines established by instructors. Blended remote courses have both asynchronous online components combined with scheduled class meetings via videoconference platforms such as Zoom.

Blended face-to-face combines blended remote with some in-person instruction on campus. This format is limited to culinary arts and health-science programs that require clinical assessments: nursing, radiologic technology, veterinary technician, and medical assistant.

Registrations are still being accepted for all three fall start dates. For more information or to apply, visit hcc.edu/fall, call (413) 552-2321 or e-mail [email protected].