Building Permits Departments

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of August and September 2017.


Ashakris HNA, LLC
336-344 North Westfield St.
$15,000 — Remove and replace wall, install new acoustic ceiling

Jaffe Family Foundation
45 Tennis Road
$468,500 — Roofing


Amherst Pelham Regional School District
170 Chestnut St.
$13,000 — Demo and remove concrete chimney cap and brick veneer and replace with new chimney at Amherst Regional Middle School

Hampshire College
893 West St.
$8,500 — Interior renovation in bookstore to subdivide space


City of Chicopee
110 Church St.
$150,000 — New fire-alarm system at Chicopee Police Department

City of Chicopee
110 Church St.
$438,000 — Masonry, carpentry, and roofing at Chicopee Police Department

Charles Sourmaidis
467 Memorial Dr.
$66,234 — Refinish Denny’s dining room, bring bathroom to code, replace cabinets

Valley Opportunity Council Inc.
35 Mt. Carmel Ave.
$25,300 — Install new demonstration cabinets and countertops

Valley Opportunity Council Inc.
516 Chicopee St.
$28,000 — Renovate existing office space and create additional offices, add new doors


Autumn Properties, LLC
184 Northampton St.
$103,450 — Install fire-suppression system in three buildings

City of Easthampton
50 Payson Ave.
$6,000 — Remove and replace gazebo roof, replace decking, repair trim and lattice

Keystone Enterprises
122 Pleasant St.
$4,500 — Create roof penetrations, chaseway for duct system


Excel Dryer
355 Chestnut St.
$25,600 — Fire protection

Louis & Clark
436 North Main St.
$11,000 — Commercial alterations


325 Rocky Hill Rd., LLC
325 Rocky Hill Road
$4,200 — Frame, insulate, sheetrock, and new bathroom floor

Lacomb Holdings, LLC
189 Russell St.
$24,050 — Add bathroom with shower, add two sets of double doors, move existing door, add screen wall in reception area

Med Express
424 Russell St.
$10,000 — Illuminated channel letters backlit with LEDs and mounted to building

Pizza Hut of America
424 Russell St.
$58,900 — HVAC; install ductwork, register grills, and diffusers

Pyramid Mall of Hadley Newco, LLC
367 Russell St.
$200,000 — Minor interior remodel on sales floor of JCPenney, add Sephora cosmetic department

Pyramid Mall of Hadley Newco, LLC
367 Russell St.
$693,000 — Fit-out in existing construction for Planet Fitness

The Taproom
1 Mill Valley Road, Suite C
$6,800 — Add divider wall, plumb sink, dishwasher, power outlets, and track lighting


GPT Longmeadow, LLC
714 Bliss Road
$3,000 — New sign for Great Harvest Bread Co.


Apex Dental
653 Center St.
$2,500 — Illuminated sign

Apex Dental
653 Center St.
$3,100 — Non-illuminated sign

Chapin Street
$2,634,740 — Solar panels


39 Main Street, LLC
33 Main St.
$14,843 — Install walls, door, flooring, and lighting in new second-floor offices

1924, LLC
46 Round Hill Road
$50,000 — Kitchen addition

Chamisa Corp.
25 Main St.
$9,500 — Disassemble and remove existing elevator hoistaway cage and install temporary construction-control barriers in preparation for new elevator

Coolidge Center, LLC
47 Pleasant St.
$18,500 — Install new interior staircase

Cumberland Farms Inc.
43 Main St.
$790,000 — New commercial building for Cumberland Farms store

O’Connell Oil Associates Inc.
506 Pleasant St.
$4,000 — Illuminated ground sign with Shell logo and LED price sign

Rockwell Management Corp.
30 Village Hill Road
$8,600 — Illuminated ground sign for the Columns at Rockwell Place

Smith College
102 College Lane
$175,000 — Reconfigure existing conference room and exercise studio, roofing, decking

Smith College
College Lane
$193,000 — Roofing

Thornes Marketplace
150 Main St.
$34,000 — Remove nine antennas and replace with nine upgraded antenna pabels, add three remote radio heads

Wohl Family Dentistry, LLC
61 Locust St.
$15,000 — Flooring, lighting, section off five offices


Albany Road
1287 Liberty St.
$25,000 — Replace floors, remove non-beating walls, new bar, electrical, and plumbing at Springfield Plaza

City of Springfield
415 State St.
$5,000 — Add door to provide classroom access to existing closet at Commerce High School

MassMutual Life Insurance Corp.
1500 Main St.
$395,074 — Demolish interior partitions, new partitions and doors, new finishes, hand sinks, headwall units for UMass College of Nursing expansion

Bobby Patel
942 Belmont Ave.
$78,300 — Remove existing roof system at Old Grampy’s building to get ready for new truss design

Shriners Hospitals for Children
516 Carew St.
$249,942 — Renovate space to accommodate new equipment in radiology suite

SIS Center Inc.
1441 Main St.
$230,000 — Interior fit-out for new tenant on 12th floor

Juliette Son
170 Mayflower St.
$5,000 — Rebuild and expand garage

Yukon Group, LLC
119 Fisk Ave.
$4,850 — Add office and restroom


Aldrich Management Co.
124 West St.
$35,000 — Interior renovations for a takeout pizza kitchen

U.S. Bank Trust/Marty’s Real Estate
21 Robbins Road
$32,000 — Roofing, carpentry, build steps to basement, install new bulkhead


964 Riverdale St.
$10,000 — Changes to concrete block wall