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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of February and March 2018.


Bragara US, LLC
60 North Westfield St.
$51,096 — Install sprinkler system in restaurant and banquet hall

McLean Realty Co.
197 Main St.
$48,000 — Demolition of showroom and offices

Trata Inc.
396 Main St.
$1,200 — Ground sign

Trata Inc.
396 Main St.
$10,000 — Tenant fit-out for Agawam Axe House


Granodonico Properties, LLC
23 North Pleasant St.
$10,000 — Kitchen exhaust hood

Jones Properties, LP
25B Pray St.
$101,841 — Interior renovation of office space, millwork, drywall, flooring, paint, plumbing, HVAC, and electric

Stavros Center for Independent Living
210 Old Farm Road
$2,500 — Replace two doors and two windows


Brixmore GA Chicopee Marketplace, LLC
591 Memorial Dr.
$150,000 — Electric car-charging station

Church of God
193 St. James Ave.
$10,000 — Build handicap-accessible bathroom, build platform for altar, build wall partition

E and R Realty, LLC
705 Meadow St.
$8,000 — Remove wall, install drywall over existing walls, install drop ceiling

Jacob Hannoush
32 Pearl St.
$10,000 — Roofing


271 Pine Nook Road
$325,000 — Replace water storage tank

Laura Newton
470 Greenfield Road
$61,000 — Renovation to Savages’ Market


7-Eleven Inc.
97 Union St.
Reface existing sign faces

Keystone Enterprises
122 Pleasant St.
$37,376 — Add demizing wall

Tubed Products
44 O’Neill St.
Install wall sign


Clayton Herbert, Katherine Herbert
22 Mohawk Trail
$3,280 — Replace four windows, new trim, patch drywall

FBBT/US Properties, LLC
137 Federal St.
Change out five signs

Greenfield Corporate Center, LLC
101 Munson St.
$125,000 — Remodel existing office space for new tenant, Allergy and Immunology Associates

Greenfield Corporate Center, LLC
101 Munson St.
$8,600 — Rework existing sprinklers to new tenant space

R + D Vic Corp. Inc.
204 Main St.
$2,120 — Cut down half wall for a countertop

SMR Greenfield Trust
324 Main St.
$30,000 — Repair drywall, flooring, and ceiling tiles

Edward Snow Jr., Kerrilynn Snow
223-225 Leyden Road
$6,000 — Install spiral staircase


GPT Longmeadow, LLC
666 Bliss Road
$350,000 — Alteration to existing space for Baystate Urgent Care Clinic


Dowd Insurance Agency
563 Center St.
$15,000 — Commercial alterations


The College Church Inc.
58 Pomerpy Terrace
$66,394 — Install solar panels on roof

Smith College
28 Lyman Road
$21,000 — Roofing

Split Excavating
228 King St.
$3,971 — Replace broken glass front and new brick facia

Thornes Marketplace, LLC
150 Main St.
$110,000 — Renovate main entry vestibule, including new doors, new flooring, and new ceiling assembly

155 Pleasant St.
$5,000 — Illuminated wall sign

155 Pleasant St.
$1,725 — Illuminated wall sign

155 Pleasant St.
$5,520 — Illuminated wall sign


Camp Ramah in New England
39 Bennett St.
$3,500 — Repairs to summer-camp staff bunkhouse


Southwick Package
466 College Highway
Replace rooftop unit


Aziz Ahmed
345 Main St.
$11,000 — Minor work to open convenience store, including platform at checkout counter, new sink and toilet, exhaust fan, and three doors

CMC Development
222 Carew St.
$2,300 — Install fire and burglar alarm in first-floor office space

Diocese of Springfield
99 Wendover Road
$250,000 — Construct roof-mounted solar system on Pope Francis High School

Five Town Station, LLC
296 Cooley St.
$8,000 — Add door and window to existing wall

Helen Dorian Trust
266 Bridge St.
$1,600 — Repair glass pane and reglaze eight window frames at Mansfield Beauty School

Brian Henry
1464 State St.
$5,000 — Interior demolition to repair water damage in office space

Liberty Medical Building Associates
125 Liberty St.
$14,820 — Construct wall to enclose future break room, remove sink, and add door in Suite 408; construct closet and add door in Suite 402

Meg Realty, LLC
24 Mattoon St.
$12,500 — Reframe burnt lumber rafters and make weathertight work area

Hung Nguyen
461 Belmont Ave.
$24,000 — Alter first floor for take-out restaurant, including handicap ramp and new kitchen


Baystate Mary Lane Hospital
85 South St.
$169,048 — Renovate existing space to make exam rooms

Baystate Mary Lane Hospital
85 South St.
$303,729 — Renovate vacant patient for new outpatient wound-care program

Cold Spring Medical, LLC
182 West St.
$249,000 — Gut and renovate old Cumberland Farms to create medical office

Norcor Auto Wash Inc.
134 West St.
Install roof-mounted solar panels

Town of Ware
22 North St.
$4,000 — Construct interior separation wall, shelving at Police Department


Commonwealth of Massachusetts
137 Franklin St.
Install grid-tied solar photovoltaic system

Gregg’s Mobile Auto Repair, LLC
16 George St.
$90,000 — Interior space fit-out

L & R Market Inc.
35 North Elm St.
Interior renovations and repairs


Leonard Bruso
20-26 Roanoke Ave.
$78,732.86 — Install rooftop solar array

DDR Realty
935 Riverdale St.
$242,000 — Interior alteration of existing space

Brendan Greely
85 Elm St.

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