Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of May 2019.


25-35 University Drive, LLC
25-35 University Dr.
$8,498 — Alter existing sprinkler system to protect existing walkway

Town of Amherst
111 Main St.
$147,500 — Replace boilers at police station, including electric and gas piping; electrical work includes fire-alarm panel replacement


City of Chicopee
17 Springfield St.
$503,330 — Elevator modernization

HP Chicopee, LLC
444 Montgomery St.
$57,750 — Repairs to existing walking bridge


The Bement School
142 Old Main St.
$236,283 — Renovate Haas House dorm

Pioneer Gardens
198 Mill Village Road
$189,000 — Renovate office and greenhouse

Yankee Candle
5 North St.
$4,595,341 — Renovation space for mixed use


Denmark Property Group, LLC
126-128 Northampton St.
$5,000 — Construct concrete pad for walk-in coolers

SW Realty Properties
5-11 Irving St.
$30,046 — Install new HVAC systems and associated ductwork

Trinity Lutheran Church
2 Clark St.
$74,750 — Roofing


Center for Human Development
742 Parker St.
$27,500 — Fire system

Pride Plaza
624 North Main St.
$12,500 — Remove non-bearing wall

Pride Plaza
626 North Main St.
6,200 — Construct partition wall


Bird-Hovey Associates, LLC
310 Main St.
$35,611 — Open non-load-bearing wall between offices, construct new desks

First Hebrew Congregation
27 Pierce St.
$24,658 — Roofing

Thomas Gurney, Christina Guevin-Gurney
94 Main St.
$301,653 — Renovate bar and bathrooms in restaurant

McDonald’s Corp.
285 Federal St.
$428,000 — Upgrade restrooms, new dining décor, exterior site work including façade, roofing, update lighting, side-by-side drive-thru, ADA site improvements


Alfred Albano Jr.
100 Russell St.
$7,600 — Replace six window sashes and paint west side of building after damage from tree branch

Chamisa Corp.
31 Campus Plaza Road
$10,000 — Repair and replace site lighting

Joseph Czajkowski
311 River Dr.
$64,000 — Build out cooler space in existing warehouse

Frederic Englander
60 East St.
$68,500 — Install solar panels

Sandri Development Inc.
457 Russell St.
$10,000 — Install heating and cooling system

Town of Hadley
46 Middle St.
$4,653,300 — Construct new senior center


Equinox Partners, LLC
183 Main St.
$30,000 — New front porch and deck, rebuild rear deck, including access ramps


First Congregational Church
10 Main St.
$2,000 — New base for fountain in park

Patriot Armored Systems Holding, LLC
100 Valley St.
$75,000 — Foundation for two new additions

Prime Retail, LP
50 Water St.
$8,274 — Replace existing packaged HVAC unit on ground at back of store


CR Resorts, LLC
165 Kemble St.
$66,000 — Replace existing exterior door and window assemblies, paint exterior trim

Holmes Road Building, LLC
444 Pittsfield Road
$87,945 — Roofing

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
55 Lee Road
$130,800 — Install fire sprinkler system in new spa


Longmeadow Historic Preservation
734 Longmeadow St.
$11,796.59 — Install fire-alarm system and components

Town of Longmeadow
170 Dwight Road
$12,300,000 — Construct new Department of Public Works facility


Kendrick Properties
19-29 Lyman Road
$4,800 — Roofing

Live Pleasant LP
155 Pleasant St.
$96,000 — Build out for real-estate office

Meadowbrook Preservation Associates LP
491 Bridge Road
$12,460 — Build two handicap ramps

Millbank Place One Condo
351 Pleasant St.
$95,000 — Renovate space into two offices with shared bathrooms and kitchenette

Rap’s Real Estate
72-74 Masonic St.
$5,000 — Sister rafters in attic

Phillip Ringwood
11 Hatfield St.
$725,000 — New two-story building

Taco Bell of America, LLC
203 King St.
$1,000 — Wall sign for KFC

Taco Bell of America, LLC
203 King St.
$1,300 — Wall sign for Taco Bell

Valley Community Development Corp.
82 Bridge St.
$4,436,882 — Renovations and addition

Carina Wohl
61 Locust St.
$124,462 — Interior office renovation


125 Paridon Street, LLC
125 Paridon St.
$20,000 — Remove nine cellular antennas and install six new antennas, remove three radio heads and install nine new radio heads on smokestack for Verizon Wireless

401 Liberty Street, LLC
395 Liberty St.
$450,000 — Alter tenant space for medical-care use for BHN Acute Treatment

Alfonso Acuna, Maria Acuna
1199 Sumner Ave.
$86,675 — Alter tenant space for Acuna Salon

Michele Hagan
1930 Wilbraham Road
$418,000 — Alter interior space for new Valley Bank

Paul Kalill, Gerald Glasser
133 State St.
$26,370 — Interior demolition on second floor for future buildout of office building


73 State St., LLC
30 Capital Dr.
$9,890 — Install two doorways

180 Daggett Dr., LLC
180 Daggett Dr.
$1,040,000 — Interior fit-out of existing building, including plumbing, partitions, suspended ceilings, millwork, new ADA bathrooms, electrical, HVAC, and fire suppression

Robert Clark Jr.
154 Wayside Ave.
$19,000 — Roofing

Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave.
$285,000 — Roofing

Entre Peirson, LLC
138 Memorial Dr.
$127,000 — Interior build-out of demised tenant space

Dave Goncalves
66-68 Garden St.
$10,000 — Roofing

Dinesh Patel
69 Capital Dr.
$126,000 — Partition wall, rehab window and door openings, etc.

Clay Shanler
110 Monastery Ave.
$2,510.56 — Replace two windows

Town of West Springfield
11 Central St.
$10,000 — Construct rooms, non-bearing walls


Palazzesi Realty, LLC
2400 Boston Road
$3,800 — New signs for Elegant Nails and Spa

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