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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of May 2019.


Town of Amherst
4 Boltwood Ave.
$8,000 — Install mini split system in server room

Town of Amherst
4 Boltwood Ave.
$7,500 — Install interior partitions, wiring, create two storage rooms and mail room


Meadow Street Partners, LLP
317 Meadow St., Units 5A, 5B
$80,000 — Build out additional office/training area in existing tenant space

Fernando Pires
24 Casino Ave.
$12,200 — Roofing

Mike Tarrant
83 Center St.
$1,350 — Roofing

Deerfield Academy
13 Albany Road
$492,000 — Retrofit air-handling units

Deerfield Academy
53 Old Main St.
$153,000 — Solar array on south side of new health center

75 Stillwater Road
$63,316 — Install roof-mounted solar array

Red Roof Room
9 Greenfield Road
$28,000 — Sign


Keystone Enteprises
122 Pleasant St.
$75,000 — Build out interior space at INSA

Palmer Paving Corp.
23 Arthur St.
$162,000 — Erect accessory building

Wells Fargo Bank
22-24 Arlington St.
$21,700 — Install vinyl siding


736 Parker St.
7,500 — Demolish guest house

742 Parker St.
$54,000 — Convert garage to rec room

Redstone Pasta
642 North Main St.
$128,000 — Remodel bathrooms, new stairs


Baystate Franklin Medical Center
164 High St.
$6,350 — Fire protection for behavioral-health pod

Country Club of Greenfield
244 Country Club Road
$6,860 — Install pine ceiling on back deck

RCK Greenfield, LLC
5 Pierce St.
$48,183 — Remove and replace six packaged commercial HVAC units

Nicole Stafford
335 Federal St.
$3,000 — Insulation


303 Russell Street, LLC
303 Russell St.
$254,846 — Interior buildout for Harbor Freight store

303 Russell Street, LLC
303 Russell St.
$8,000 — Two new wall signs for Harbor Freight store

Parmar and Sons Inc.
41 Russell St.
$1,250 — New sign for Pathlight on building roof

Chang Tso-Cheng
459 Russell St.
$28,100 — Roofing

Town of Hadley
46 Middle St.
$143,350 — Install HVAC system for senior center

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
353 Russell St.
$745,000 — Tenant build-out for 110 Grill


Ronald Halpin
645 Pleasant St.
$28,000 — Repairs following burst heating pipes

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
55 Lee Road
$34,600 — Install fire-sprinkler system in Cottage D

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
55 Lee Road
$3,418,728 — Renovate existing spa to accommodate a renovated spa, commercial kitchen, and culinary educational training areas


Art First Lenox, LLC
22 Walker St.
$5,000 — Install sink, coffee counter, and prepared food sales counter in gallery space


Bliss Williams, LLC
679 Bliss Road
$4,000 — New signage for Big Y


The Brush Works, LLC
221 Pine St.
$11,500 — Build wall, fix bathroom, fire protection

Ellery Owner, LLC
259 Elm St.
$1,400 — Illuminated monument ground sign

ES Realty Corp.
34 Bridge St.
$40,000 — Add interior half-walls, change toilet, slop sink, entry door changes

Glass Lake Partners, LLC
43 Ladd Ave.
$38,000 — Convert space to marijuana processing facility

Hampshire Regional YMCA
286 Prospect St.
$46,000 — Roofing

Kendrick Property
31 Lyman Road
$29,400 — Roofing

King Enterprises
176 King St.
$32,200 — Roofing at Florence Savings Bank

Northampton Montessori Society
51 Bates St.
$2,500 — Roofing

Northwood Redevelopment, LLC
23 Atwood Dr.
$72,500 — Enclose parking spaces with motorized gate, add private entry door into building

Smith College
44 College Lane
$27,000 — Renovate two rooms in Sabin-Reed Hall

Smith College
College Lane
$66,000 — Interior lab renovation at Scott Gymnasium

Smith College
50 Elm St.
$6,000 — Repair and replace stair assembly at Clark Hall


Bar South Land Holdings, LLC
450 Main St.
$30,000 — Demolish existing building

Baystate Medical Center Inc.
280 Chestnut St.
$8,950 — Alter space for new media room on fifth floor

Chestnut Springfield Inc.
146 Chestnut St.
$11,500 — Alter interior space on first and fifth floors of Libertas Academy Charter School for educational use

Chestnut Springfield Inc.
146 Chestnut St.
$2,100 — Interior demolition for future build-out on first and fifth floors of Libertas Academy Charter School

Clinical & Support Options Inc.
755 Worthington St.
$5,000 — Build two new offices

KMJ Associates, LLC
1954 Wilbraham Road
$15,000 — Interior demolition for future build-out for Pioneer Valley Credit Union

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center
3 Rutland Ave.
$62,345 — Install solar panels on existing building

RLM Enterprise, LLC
83 Gilman St.
$2,300 — Roofing

Smithfield Packard Meats Corp.
20 Carando Dr.
$120,000 — Roofing

Springfield Library & Museums Assoc.
85 Chestnut St.
$89,772 — Install solar panels on existing building


118 Main Street Ware, LLC
135 Main St.
$3,100 — Change out 10 windows

Aldrich Management Co., LLC
124 West St.
$150,000 — Tenant fit-out

Sengen Properties, LLC
48-58 Park St.
$28,000 — Roofing


333 Elm St. Realty Trust
333 Elm St.
$22,527 — Remove existing window and modify opening to accept new ATM

1000 Riverdale St.
$7,000 — Remodel office in basement

DDRM Riverdale Shops, LLC
931 Riverdale St.
$143,700 — Interior renovations to dining room, including new wall finishes and new décor/seating package; exterior renovations, including new paint

DDRM Riverdale Shops, LLC
935 Riverdale St.
$54,000 — Interior renovations of existing commercial retail space, creating new, 30-seat restaurant

EPT Nineteen Inc.
864 Riverdale St.
$868,802 — Remodel interior of existing movie theater

Hampden Charter School of Science
511 Main St.
$118,900 — Construct two classrooms

Kevin Knight
82 Elm St.
$25,000 — Frame two walls, add storage room, pad out existing wall for plumbing

Landmark at Monastery Heights
110 Monastery Ave.
$1,400 — Install handicap ramp

Phillip Patel
1573 Riverdale St.
$40,000 — Interior renovations

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of May 2019.


25-35 University Drive, LLC
25-35 University Dr.
$8,498 — Alter existing sprinkler system to protect existing walkway

Town of Amherst
111 Main St.
$147,500 — Replace boilers at police station, including electric and gas piping; electrical work includes fire-alarm panel replacement


City of Chicopee
17 Springfield St.
$503,330 — Elevator modernization

HP Chicopee, LLC
444 Montgomery St.
$57,750 — Repairs to existing walking bridge


The Bement School
142 Old Main St.
$236,283 — Renovate Haas House dorm

Pioneer Gardens
198 Mill Village Road
$189,000 — Renovate office and greenhouse

Yankee Candle
5 North St.
$4,595,341 — Renovation space for mixed use


Denmark Property Group, LLC
126-128 Northampton St.
$5,000 — Construct concrete pad for walk-in coolers

SW Realty Properties
5-11 Irving St.
$30,046 — Install new HVAC systems and associated ductwork

Trinity Lutheran Church
2 Clark St.
$74,750 — Roofing


Center for Human Development
742 Parker St.
$27,500 — Fire system

Pride Plaza
624 North Main St.
$12,500 — Remove non-bearing wall

Pride Plaza
626 North Main St.
6,200 — Construct partition wall


Bird-Hovey Associates, LLC
310 Main St.
$35,611 — Open non-load-bearing wall between offices, construct new desks

First Hebrew Congregation
27 Pierce St.
$24,658 — Roofing

Thomas Gurney, Christina Guevin-Gurney
94 Main St.
$301,653 — Renovate bar and bathrooms in restaurant

McDonald’s Corp.
285 Federal St.
$428,000 — Upgrade restrooms, new dining décor, exterior site work including façade, roofing, update lighting, side-by-side drive-thru, ADA site improvements


Alfred Albano Jr.
100 Russell St.
$7,600 — Replace six window sashes and paint west side of building after damage from tree branch

Chamisa Corp.
31 Campus Plaza Road
$10,000 — Repair and replace site lighting

Joseph Czajkowski
311 River Dr.
$64,000 — Build out cooler space in existing warehouse

Frederic Englander
60 East St.
$68,500 — Install solar panels

Sandri Development Inc.
457 Russell St.
$10,000 — Install heating and cooling system

Town of Hadley
46 Middle St.
$4,653,300 — Construct new senior center


Equinox Partners, LLC
183 Main St.
$30,000 — New front porch and deck, rebuild rear deck, including access ramps


First Congregational Church
10 Main St.
$2,000 — New base for fountain in park

Patriot Armored Systems Holding, LLC
100 Valley St.
$75,000 — Foundation for two new additions

Prime Retail, LP
50 Water St.
$8,274 — Replace existing packaged HVAC unit on ground at back of store


CR Resorts, LLC
165 Kemble St.
$66,000 — Replace existing exterior door and window assemblies, paint exterior trim

Holmes Road Building, LLC
444 Pittsfield Road
$87,945 — Roofing

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
55 Lee Road
$130,800 — Install fire sprinkler system in new spa


Longmeadow Historic Preservation
734 Longmeadow St.
$11,796.59 — Install fire-alarm system and components

Town of Longmeadow
170 Dwight Road
$12,300,000 — Construct new Department of Public Works facility


Kendrick Properties
19-29 Lyman Road
$4,800 — Roofing

Live Pleasant LP
155 Pleasant St.
$96,000 — Build out for real-estate office

Meadowbrook Preservation Associates LP
491 Bridge Road
$12,460 — Build two handicap ramps

Millbank Place One Condo
351 Pleasant St.
$95,000 — Renovate space into two offices with shared bathrooms and kitchenette

Rap’s Real Estate
72-74 Masonic St.
$5,000 — Sister rafters in attic

Phillip Ringwood
11 Hatfield St.
$725,000 — New two-story building

Taco Bell of America, LLC
203 King St.
$1,000 — Wall sign for KFC

Taco Bell of America, LLC
203 King St.
$1,300 — Wall sign for Taco Bell

Valley Community Development Corp.
82 Bridge St.
$4,436,882 — Renovations and addition

Carina Wohl
61 Locust St.
$124,462 — Interior office renovation


125 Paridon Street, LLC
125 Paridon St.
$20,000 — Remove nine cellular antennas and install six new antennas, remove three radio heads and install nine new radio heads on smokestack for Verizon Wireless

401 Liberty Street, LLC
395 Liberty St.
$450,000 — Alter tenant space for medical-care use for BHN Acute Treatment

Alfonso Acuna, Maria Acuna
1199 Sumner Ave.
$86,675 — Alter tenant space for Acuna Salon

Michele Hagan
1930 Wilbraham Road
$418,000 — Alter interior space for new Valley Bank

Paul Kalill, Gerald Glasser
133 State St.
$26,370 — Interior demolition on second floor for future buildout of office building


73 State St., LLC
30 Capital Dr.
$9,890 — Install two doorways

180 Daggett Dr., LLC
180 Daggett Dr.
$1,040,000 — Interior fit-out of existing building, including plumbing, partitions, suspended ceilings, millwork, new ADA bathrooms, electrical, HVAC, and fire suppression

Robert Clark Jr.
154 Wayside Ave.
$19,000 — Roofing

Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave.
$285,000 — Roofing

Entre Peirson, LLC
138 Memorial Dr.
$127,000 — Interior build-out of demised tenant space

Dave Goncalves
66-68 Garden St.
$10,000 — Roofing

Dinesh Patel
69 Capital Dr.
$126,000 — Partition wall, rehab window and door openings, etc.

Clay Shanler
110 Monastery Ave.
$2,510.56 — Replace two windows

Town of West Springfield
11 Central St.
$10,000 — Construct rooms, non-bearing walls


Palazzesi Realty, LLC
2400 Boston Road
$3,800 — New signs for Elegant Nails and Spa

DBA Certificates

The following business certificates and trade names were issued or renewed during the month of April 2019.


Go Farm
211 Bay Road
Katie Bodzinski

Taylor Davis Landscape and Construction
577 West St.
Karen Davis


The K9 Advantage
23 Shea Ave.
Sara Birkel

Pardee Brothers Construction Co.
366 Turkey Hill Road
Stephen Pardee

Rental Solutions, LLC
18 Ledgewood Dr.
Elizabeth Villani

River Valley Craftsman, LLC
125 Federal St.
Bruce Alexander

Roger McGinnis Trucking
7 Brandywine Dr.
Roger McGinnis, Grete McGinnis

Utley Exteriors
631 Warren Wright St.
Stephen Utley

The Vintage Barn
365 Bardwell St.
Lisa Allen


Beauty Batlles Micro Hair
661 Front St.
Ashley Batlle

Frame to Finish
88 Taylor St., Apt. 2
Jeffrey Skrocki

Kevin J. White Electrician
792 Front St.
Kevin White

Phoenix Management Inc.
100 Logistic Dr.
Gary Giarratano, Donna, Giarratano

Quick Pick Convenience
452 Chicopee St.
Saima Amir


Landmark Partners Inc.
60 North Main St.
Thomas Avezzie

50 Industrial Dr.
Jennifer Shafii

Trinity Health of New England
98 Shaker Road
Trinity Health of New England


Adams St. Market
4 Adams St.
Rosa Parra

Dairy Market
160-162 Lyman St.
Irfan Kashif

Exclusive Cuts
118 Maple St.
Joemarie Lopez

Joy Travel Agency
177 High St.
Joimary Acevedo, Miguel Carrasco

Trinity Heating & Air Inc.
4 Open Square Way
William Pollock, Thomas Pollock


APD Construction Services
9 Greenacre Dr.
Ashley Kauffman

AT&T Mobility
827 Williams St.
Gary Johnson

Hair by Brianna Barcomb
906 Shaker Road
Brianna Barcomb

Jeff’s Granola
87 Ellington St.
Jeff Greim

Low & Picard Real Estate Services
26 Circle St.
William Low

Pleasantview Renovations
122 Pleasantview Ave.
Heidi Kelly

Quality Brush Painting
322 Frank Smith Road
Edward Gerasimchuk

Quality Roofing
49 Cobblestone Road
Ted DeCosmo

Sparkle Time Studio
60 Cheshire Dr.
Kimberly Geisner-Gross


The FitClub 24
56 East St.
Jessica Brothers


Chef Mally’s Table
91 Crescent St.
Jamal Jacobs

Cloverdale Cooperative Nursery School Inc.
130 Pine St.
Laura Andersen

Cornucopia Natural Wellness Market
150 Main St.
Jade Jump, Nate Clifford

The Ellery
259 Elm St.
Dierdre Savage

Jack Speyer Art & Antiques
416 North Main St.
Jack Speyer

Piece by Piece Deconstruction
755 Westhampton Road
David Giese

Rayton Logging
331 Burts Pit Road
Peter Rayton


Burke Enterprises
115 River St.
Matthew Burke

Demore’s Automotive
1160 Park St.
Michelle Demore

Kelly’s Garden & Grow
1515 Park St.
Stacey Kelly, Brian Kelly


Allen’s Affordable Auto Repair
96 Point Grove Road
Christopher Allen

Forastiere Family Funeral Service Inc.
624 College Highway
Frank Forastiere

Lakehouse Financial
6 North Pond Road
Melissa Garrity


Beautiful Garden Maintenance
34 Sumner Ave.
Juan Cardona

Blow Barber Shop
380 Allen St.
Daniel Ojeda

BMT Lock and Key
306 Hermitage Dr.
Walter Kulas

Bottom Line Body Work, LLC
2 Medical Center Dr.
Saskia Cote

Brican-Saf Joint Venture
155 State St.
Brian Gibbons

Cleaner Homes
210 Euclid Ave.
Deseree Gonzalez

Coffee Bin
680 Sumner Ave.
Binh Le

Contribution Clothing
60 Old Brook Road
Kelly Partridge

CubeSmart 6099
340 Taylor St.
Doug Tyrell

Excite Media Arts
53 Thompson St.
Edward Mayers

Extremely Clean 2, LLC
242 Dickinson St.
Martin Johnson

Faith Orange Apparel
257 Orange St.
Brittany Polk

Figlio Restaurant
286 Bridge St.
Robert D’Agostino

Foxtrot Construction Inc.
1350 Main St.
Jeffrey O’Connor

McMullen-Jones Realty
30 Hermitage Dr.
Cynthia Jones

Nextier Marketing
74 Clantoy St.
Rhojel Dixon

Omnipoint Technology Inc.
235 Eastern Ave.
Timothy Baymon

Orchard Auto Sales & Service
1307 Worcester St.
Timothy Forbes

RN Pavers
155 Drexel St.
Rafael Almengo

Rapid Cuts
1655 Boston Road
Leon Marsh

Richard G. Elfman, DDS
19 Hampden St.
Richard Elfman

RMJ Landscaping
50 Maynard St.
Rolando O’Farrill

Room Pizza and More
1655 Boston Road
Shahriar Allahyari

Thompson/Center Arms
2100 Roosevelt Ave.
Smith & Wesson

Tiffany Jones Retail
123 Kensington Ave.
Donnette Jones

Timoteo’s Grill
436 Boston Road
Carlos Martin

Weekends 246
67 Wollaston St.
Marisa Buor

Zayas Trucking
94 Draper St.
Rafael Zayas

Zodiac Trucking
63 Surrey Road
Zodiac Trucking

Zombie Hideout
1655 Boston Road
William Bullock


Kristen’s Personal Creations
11 Dale St.
Kristen Lebel

Lost & Found Mercantile
43-47 Main St.
Kristin Rosenbeck

Simply HomeMaid
100 Old Gilbertville Road
Kelly McDonell

Two Guys Haul
81 Greenwich Road
Edward Wyzik, Tonya Wiggin


Attorney Daniel R. Gintowt
112 Wild Flower Circle
Daniel Gintowt

57 Patriots Dr.
Laurie DePino

Grizzly’s Property Maintenance
11 Sycamore St.
Scott Breveleri

Rolling Hills Lawn Care
23 Bates St.
Daniel Fontaine

Scott’s Specialties
239 Steiger Dr.
Scott Savage

Snack Attack
225 Root Road
Jason Lage


The Crest Room
706 Westfield St.
Joseph Kelley

Infinity Auto Rental
74 Baldwin St.
Joseph Gallo

1299 Riverdale St.
Ryan Pernice

Long Radio
1102 Riverdale St.
Matthew Imbriglio

Uptown Liquors
1122 Memorial Ave.
Emil Patel

Village Pizza
1164 Westfield St.
Eray Arslan


AAA Games Cards and More
4 Boston Road
Michael Farnham

Confluent Sciences Consulting Inc.
255 Burleigh Road
Frederick Haibach

Home Medics
4 Tall Timber Dr.
Oussama Awkal

Luzi’s Auto Body Inc.
2650 Boston Road
Todd Luzi, Dana-Lee Luzi

Luzi’s Towing and Recovery
2650 Boston Road, Unit R
Jake Luzi

My Sister’s House
392 Three Rivers Road
Lori Mead

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of April 2019.


Jones Library Inc.
43 Amity St.
$9,677 — Door and hardware


City of Chicopee
90 Call St.
$75,500 — Install handicap-accessible bathroom in existing building in Nash Park

Houston Enterprises Inc.
1307 Memorial Dr.
$162,018 — Interior renovations to KFC dining room, including new wall finishes, decor package, front counter, and lighting

HY Management, LLC
362 Springfield St.
$20,000 — Roofing

McDonald’s Corp.
1460 Memorial Dr.
$300,000 — Interior renovations, including restroom upgrade, new dining-room finishes and furniture, new front counter with finishes, and installation of self-order kiosks

Pride Convenience Inc.
167 Chicopee St.
$5,000 — Interior remodeling; move existing wall and construct new walls to move self-serve beverage counters and add customer-service area

41 Sheridan St.
$32,000 — Build walls, sheetrock flooring, laminant, carpet


Trinity Lutheran Church
2 Clark St.
$7,590 — Install 18 replacement windows


James Renaud, Theresa Renaud
259 Federal St.
$13,683 — Install 42 solar panels

J.J. Smith Properties, LLC
30 Mohawk Trail
$4,000 — Roofing


Paul Benjamin
2 Bay Road
$1,800 — Remove and replace asphalt shingles

Ronald Bercume, Irene Bercume
185 Russell St.
$38,000 — Minor interior renovations to change from residential to office use


Rinaldi’s Realty, LLC
410 Longmeadow St.
$10,000 — Alter/demolish existing furniture, fixtures, interior partitions, and drop ceilings

Town of Longmeadow
1161 Williams St.
$21,250 — Furnish and install two new dugouts at field


Coolidge Northampton, LLC
243 King St., Suite 112
$10,300 — Add additional treatment area to existing space

Paul D’Amour
122 North King St.
$2,206 — Illuminated ground sign for Planet Fitness

Maiewski Properties, LLC
320 Elm St.
$11,515 — Install seven replacement windows

Stephen Rondeau
122 North King St.
$623,700 — Interior tenant fit-out for Planet Fitness

Valley Building Co. Inc.
98 Market St.
$8,800 — New stairs to replace metal fire-scape


City of Springfield
101 Dwight St.
$3,826,000 — Alterations for new monumental staircase and refurbish elevator and park grounds at Pynchon Park

Meredith Corp.
1300 Liberty St.
$65,000 — Replace ceiling and exterior windows, install partitions

New England Farm Workers Council Inc.
32 Hampden St.
$34,518.97 — Install new fire-alarm system

Stavros Center for Independent Living Inc.
227 Berkshire Ave.
$115,604 — Install solar panels to existing building

Joseph Wanyama
1579 State St.
$7,000 — Repair walls and ceiling, replace eight windows


Crown Castle
120 Interstate Dr.
$20,000 — AT&T to replace three antennas and add three antennas to existing configuration; replace three remote radio units and add three remote radio units

Entre Pearson, LLC
138 Memorial Dr.
$12,500 — Interior build-out of demised tenant space


Ken’s Realty, LLC
2821 Boston Road
$14,875 — Roofing

SBA Towers IX, LLC
720 Ridge Road
$40,000 — Swap out six antennas and install emergency backup generator

Wilbraham & Monson Academy
423-451 Main St.
$3,685,000 — Instruct new athenaeum building

The Class of 2019

The following business certificates and trade names were issued or renewed during the month of April 2019.


MillBrook Farm
1730 South East St.
Jason Edwards

Northeast Environmental Solutions
577 West St.
Karen Davis


A & E Partnership
10 Meadow Pond Road
Olena Boryssenko, Anatoliy Boryssenko

Alix & Son’s Computer Center
40 Daniel Shays Highway
John Alix

424 Springfield Road
Matthew Fillmore

Belmont Driving School
1 Main St., Suite E
Michael O’Rourke

Equine Ky Chiropractic
22 South Main St.
Bethany Bowman

Events Near Here
413 Allen St.
Brian Page

Hampshire Myotherapy
145 Old Amherst Road
Robert Andersen

J & J Services
114 North Washington St.
Justin White Sr.

JM Cleaning Service
37 Jucket Road
Joseph Moreau

Magic Catering
25 Cedar Glen Dr.
Gary Majka, Mary Majka


Bullseye Property Management and Maintenance
42 Gelinas Dr.
Steven Bull

Frank’s General Service
25 Baril Lane
Frank LaFlamme

Fran’s Lyft Service
884 Prospect St.
Francis Deschaine

New England Landscaping
345 Casey Dr.
Jason Batrano

Pizza Express #2
557 East St.
Sabri Bajrami

Plum Island Jams
18 Curtis St.
Ruth Adams


Dave Nunez Building
70 North Main St.
Dave Nunez, Ty Townsend


Apex Network Promotions
219 East St., Apt. B
Polina Bulgakova

V Financial Safety Education
247 Northampton St.
Michelle Mulea


Dutko Electric, LLC
50 Heatherstone Dr.
Andrew Dutko

Eugina Bshara at Obsessions
10 Center Square
Gina Bshara

Forastiere Smith Funeral & Cremation
220 North Main St.
Frank Forastiere


Abe Mart
679 Main St.
Abbas Younes

A. Rex DPT
4 Open Square Way, Suite 204
April Rex

Cano Used Tire
640 South Bridge St.
Carmen Garcia

InHome Remodeling
215 Madison Ave.
Richard Ahlstrom

Racing Mart
582 South St.
Abbas Younes

Rack Room Shoes
50 Holyoke St.
Rack Room Shoes Inc.


Arbormax Tree Care
186 Cooley Dr.
Philip Schafer

Challenge Diabetes Program
47 Pleasantview Ave.
C. William Galaska

Clearview Health & Wellness Group
167 Dwight Road
Ramon Lorenzi

Couloute Renovations Group
66 Dwight Road
April Couloute

Dave’s Creative
54 Wild Grove Lane
David Brinnel

MM Applications & Software Consulting
14 Ferncroft St.
Moissei Mekler

PS Salon and Spa
770 Converse St.
John Polatz


CleanSlate Centers Inc.
244 Main St.
Greg Marotta

Garden Paving and Landscaping
49 Country Way
Nhamodzangu Magadza

Get Lost
58 Belmont Ave.
Brian Foote

Pioneer Valley Education Press Inc.
155 Industrial Dr.
Matt Dufresne, Robert Dufresne, Michele Dufresne

Seth Gregory Design
18 Northern Ave.
Seth Gregory

Top DJ
49 Country Way
Nhamodzangu Magadza

Treasures on Main MA
6 Conz St.
Seth Fischer


New England Patent Prints
37 Smith St.
Gail Sterner

Rick’s Handcrafted Cornhole Boards
21 Wilbraham St.
Richard Lafley

Rx Massage
19 Linda St.
Kristine Gustafson


Jameson R’s Farm and Freight
1 Laro Road
Jameson Ball

Nick’s Handyman Service
6 Bungalow St.
Nicholas Buss

North Pond Guitars
20 Castle St.
William Storozuk

Your CBD Store Southwick, LLC
549 College Highway, Unit C
Lorraine Denoncourt


APC Computer Consulting
141 Winterset Dr.
Aaron Curto

Artisan Finish Carpentry
30 Brandon Ave.
Lukas Grincavitch

Atwater Associates
140 Atwater Terrace
Scott Balfour

Baiyee Healthcare Solutions
78 Chauncey Dr.
Alice Baiyee

Bamboo House Restaurant
676 Belmont Ave.
Tuyen Le

Changework Hypnosis
43 Harvard St.
Kimberly Miner

Chellyboo Chique
52 Patton St.
Michelle Miller

Chino’s Landscaping
28 Florida St.
Alexis Del Valle

City Smoke
115 State St.
Nilkant 115 Inc.

Eva Beauty Salon
9 Dorset St.
Ashley Martinez

Eversource Energy
300 Cadwell Dr.
NSTAR Electric

Koi Home and Office Cleaning
181 State St.
Maria Sombe-Baraka

The Label Group
580 St. James Ave.
Jack Beaudry Jr.

LMP Trucking
319 Main St.
Robert Parker

Mitchell Home Improvement
189 Essex St.
Michael Mitchell

The Money Stop
445 Main St.
Jeffrey Fiske

Pioneer Valley Auto Transport
22 Warner St.
Jack Cruz

Pognali Motors
128 Pine Grove St.
Mykhailo Grytsenko

Primo’s Pizza
824 Worthington St.
David Larochelle

Prudhomme Home Improvement
106 Washington Road
Rafael Perdomo

R & R Lawn Sprinklers
11 Baird Trace
Richard Hutchinson

Spiritual Woman Press
135 Odion St.
Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur

St. Pierre Pools
79 Merida St.
Nicholas Goggin

Suluna Boutique
85 William St., Apt. 411
Joanna Ojeda

Supreme Mart
1295 Worcester St.
Santiago Mejia

Tenares Grocery Store
261 Locust St.
Jose Almanzar Duran

Two Brothers Towing
193 Taylor St.
Emanuela Hernandez

Two Brothers Transport
145 Colton St.
Gabriel Gomez

Urban Gear Inc.
1640 Main St.
Jim Woo


The Blue Valentine Shop
51 Pulaski St.
Amy Hall

Lost Towns Apiary
96 Coffey Hill Road
Joshua Kusnierz

Matzak & Associates
14 Williston Dr.
Michael Barbiasz

Steve and Sons Auto Detailing Inc.
187 Gilbertville Road
Steven Mansfield


Devco Design & Development
130 Elizabeth Ave.
David Deveau

Fast Lane Towing
22 Hickory Ave.
Fast Lane Towing

6 Old Stage Road
Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc.
GS Microtech
6 Old Stage Road
Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc.

J.J.L. Landscape Services
Joshua Lesko
91 Russell Road

Running Shoe Productions
273 Paper Mill Road
Benjamin Quackenbush

Westfield Flight Academy
111 Airport Road
Five Star Flight Inc.


East Market
1111 Elm St.
Cortez Percy-Clay

El Safi
532 Main St.
Doaa Madi

Griffin Real Estate
1349 Piper Road
Zed Griffin

Quality Renovations
74 Elm St.
Craig McCarthy

Taco Bell 29245
298 Memorial Ave.
Amy Kim


The Fabulous 50’s Diner
2650 Boston Road
John Wrona

Filomena’s Gifts
10 Brentwood Dr.
Donna Gregoire, Michael Gregoire

Green Square Realty
260 Crane Hill Road
Richard Lewenczuk

Old Boston Hollow
68 Old Boston Road
Jacquelynne Korzeniowski

Team Giroux Health Coaching
603 Glendale Road
Steven Giroux, Jodee Giroux

Verdon’s Restoration
65 Main St.
Real Verdon

Wilbraham Tanning
2341 Boston Road
Brett Cloud

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of April 2019.


Pauline Lannon, et al
1151 West St.
$29,571 — Remove storage room and walk-in cooler, install larger walk-in cooler, relocate sprinklers, miscellaneous electrical work


Robert Arcott
257 School St.
$5,200 — Insulate and sheetrock walls

Colvest/Center Street
235 Center St.
$59,700 — Interior remodel of CVS Pharmacy

Jahjan, LLC
65 Main St.
$2,000 — Install second-floor metal escape ladder


Aubuchon Realty Co. Inc.
168 Northampton St.
$2,000 — Install non-bearing wall in retail space, install store fixtures


McDonald’s Corp.
285 Federal St.
$428,000 — Upgrade restrooms, new dining decor, exterior site work including facade, roofing, lighting, side-by-side drive-thru, ADA site improvements

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
133 Main St.
$350,000 — Roofing on Holy Trinity Church


207 Russell St.
$12,000 — HVAC work for Vision Showcase

Research Park, LP
100 Venture Way
$15,000 — Reconfiguration of existing suite build-out at Venture Well; change three small conference rooms into one large conference room


GPT Longmeadow, LLC
720 Bliss Road
$16,000 — Add two ADA bathrooms for future tenant, Inglewood Development Corp.

Rinaldi’s Realty, LLC
410 Longmeadow St.
$102,156 — Install rooftop photovoltaic array


JJ Hawley, LLC
36 Hawley St.
$17,000 — Install 15 replacement windows, interior door, exterior stair railings, and tile shower

JW Inc.
71 King St.
$128,560 — New shed roof dormer, reconfigure interior partition walls, new bathroom

Taco Bell of America, LLC
203 King St.
$2,200 — Face change on ground sign

Thornes Marketplace, LLC
150 Main St.
$55,200 — Alter and replace windows on south- and east-facing exterior walls

Valley Home Improvement
340 Riverside Dr.
$3,000 — Add window in brick wall


Nellum Realty
1181 Park St.
$7,500 — Roofing


Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
95 State St.
$26,000 — Remove and replace three roof-mounted cellular antennas at MGM Springfield

Colebrook Partners South, LLC
511 East Columbus Ave.
$2,000 — Modify existing fire-alarm system at Springfield CTC

Andrew Crystal
100 Hickory St.
$50,000 — Install fire-alarm system at Educare Springfield

Gerald D’Amour, Donald D’Amour, Charles D’Amour
2145 Roosevelt Ave.
$20,560,190 — Addition to Big Y distribution center for storage and business use

Charles D’Amour, Donald D’Amour
90 Memorial Dr.
$20,000 — Remove and replace three antennas, add three antennas to existing tower, replace three remote radio units, and add one hybrid cable

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
99 Wendover Road
$250,000 — Install roof-mounted solar panels at Pope Francis High School

Shriners Hospitals for Children
516 Carew St.
$23,942 — Alter reception and tech room for prosthetics and orthotics area

Springfield College
263 Alden St.
$10,000 — Remove and replace three roof-mounted cellular antennas on dormitory building


95 Post Office Park, LLP
95 Post Office Park
$20,000 — Interior build-out of demised tenant space

2030 Boston Road, LLC
2030 Boston Road
$3,000 — Construct demising partition and related openings


Ware Senior Living, LLC
73 South St.
$420,000 — Foundation work for proposed three-story senior-living community

W/S Ware Properties, LP
352 Palmer Road
$774,000 — Replace bunker islands, dairy cases, deli cases, grocery freezers, ice-cream freezer, refrigerant, and leak-detection system at Walmart Supercenter


Ashley Associates, LLC
95 Ashley Ave.
$22,300 — Add interior walls

Gareth Hannary
61 Upper Church St.
$1,200 — Change three exterior doors

Joshua Martel and Charles Allen
697 Union St.
$2,397.80 — HVAC and insulation

DBA Certificates

The following business certificates and trade names were issued or renewed during the month of March 2019.


Allen Colrain Engineering
51 Spaulding St.
Bruce Allen

Common Share Food Co-op
141 North Pleasant St.
Susan Morrello

Western Mass Investments
11 Amity St.
Daniel Amoneo


Melanie S. Lewis, Attorney/Mediator
35 Turkey Hill Road, Suite 201A
Melanie Lewis

Northeast Green
21 Plaza Ave.
George Hassenfratz

Rustic Logging & Tree Service Co.
230 Old Enfield Road
Russell Scott Jr.

Wong Garden
147 North Main St.
Tan Wei Wu, Chao Chen


Chicopee Dental Care
661 Front St.
Frederick Kapinos

Frederick J. Kapinos, DDS
661 Front St.
Frederick Kapinos

Great China Restaurant
690 Grattan St.
Mun Ying Cheng, Li Qiu Gao

Marshalls #214
591G Memorial Dr.
Kristin Adams

Truehart Wellness
1512 Memorial Dr., Suite E
Rochelle Truehart-Lambert


Dana’s Upholstery and Custom Design
754 River Road
Dana Lavigne

Divine Roots Body Care
257 Conway Road
Teresa Munson, Matthew Munson


The Massage School
1 Northampton St.
Alexei Levine

Tech180 Systems
180 Pleasant St., Suite 211
Christopher Bakker


Automated Tax Services
264 North Main St., Suite 8
Armand Arce

IMA Farm
32 Hampden Road
Alessandro Meccia

Mec’s Landscaping
32 Hampden Road
Alessandro Meccia


Cheap Thrills
167 Chestnut St.
Joseph Cox

Chelsi Trucking
2 St. James Ave.
Paul Reynolds

Cleaning Made Easy
898 Main St.
Angelica Navedo

E.B. Apparel Mass Inc.
50 Holyoke St.
Edward Blanco

326 Appleton St.
Frankie Cardona

Holyoke Chiropractic Center
512 Westfield Road
Conner Laraway


All Seal Asphalt
41-43 Owens Way
Gerald Veautour


A2Z Science & Learning Store
57 King St.
Andre Boulay, Devon Boulay

Andy’s Spaceworks
142 Riverside Dr.
Ann Dollard

Body Zen
150 Main St.
Elizabeth Catalano

Creative Property Solutions
8 Wright Ave.
William Patenaude

Liquid Edge Inc.
249 Main St.
Christine Buchholz, Paul Milani

Packard’s Restaurant
14 Masonic St.
Robert McGovern

Steven Santoro
14 Walnut St.
Stephen Kowalczyk

Western Earthworks, LLC
383 Westhampton Road
John Henderson-Adams


Amy’s All Natural Soaps
21 Wilbraham St.
Amy Mitchell

Michael Cardin Photography
1142 South Main St.
Michael Cardin

W & W Wood Co.
25 Ruggles St.
Kyle Vallone

Wishful Soaps Co.
63 Commercial St.
Sasha Ustinovich


Aero Green Urban Farm
23 Bonnie View Road
Renee McGee

F.J. Auctions Inc.
58 Fred Jackson Road
Jaime Jacquier

Like New Auto Detailing & Plowing
17 Charles Johnson Road
Robert Barnes Jr.

Shop One Vintage
36 Deer Run Road
Cree Daniels

Three Beans Consulting
8 Meadow Lane
Tina D’Agostino


Absolute Quality Floor Refinishing
602 Newbury St.
Frederick Taveras

All-Brite Auto Detailing
731 Liberty St.
Michael Brandford

Alpha Painting Services
231 Oak Grove Ave.
Antonio Delesline

Alterations by Elizabeth
657 Chestnut St.
Elizabeth Daniels

Briella’s New Leaf Lawn Care
7 Willowbrook Dr.
Agustin Rosario

Brotherhood Sales
204 Denver St.
Michael Murdock Jr.

Calderon Transportation
90 Cleveland St.
Wilmy Calderon

Cecilia Unisex
2890 Main St.
Alex Nieves

Cubesmart #6099
340 Taylor St.
Davy Tyrell

De Todo un Poco
152 Rifle St.
Damaris Morales

Diaz DJ & Photobooth Services
122 Drexel St.
Celentino Diaz

Diaz Transport
307 Chestnut St.
Josue Diaz

Dragon & Phoenix Inc.
982 Main St.
Ervin Santiago

Hempire Health & Wellness
528 Main St.
Carl Binette

Isabela Mini Market
26 Longhill St.
Daniedys Pena

Journeys #1280
1655 Boston Road, B14
Julie Galbreth

Juguitos, LLC
112 State St.
Pedro Arroyo

Just Money Showroom
18 Forest Park Ave.
Andrew Chamblee

Palma Smoke and Mart
1196 St. James Ave.
Mohamed Mohamed

41 Copley Terrace
Azmaan Mohamed

Parent Villages
107 Ranney St.
LaTonia Naylor

Performance Auto
479 Main St.
Heather MacDonald

Pine Point Property Management
124 Belvidere St.
Nicholas Leigh

Rooted Living
414 Chestnut St.
James Lauzon

Selfish Desire
57 Beverly Lane
Maritza Soto

Smart Wireless
2754 Main St.
Ana Parker

Smarter Money Planning
37 Normandy Road
Jennifer Leydon

TMG Auto Service
26 Vassar St.
Thomas Gonzalez

Top Shelf
240 Chestnut St.
Paul Ramesh

Touch of NYC Hair Boutique
803 Belmont Ave.
Sophia Evans


Dr. Kani Brown, OD
352 Palmer Road
Kani Brown

Olde Enfield House
82 Dugan Road
Elizabeth Wansick

R.P. Berthiaume Land Clearing & Logging & Trucking
66 Pulaski St.
Robert Berthiaume

Tanglewood Marionettes
108 Church St.
Peter Schaefer


A & Z Autos
66 South Broad St.
A & Z Autos Corp.

Gary’s Auto Repair
11 Bartlett St.
Gary Francis

Gulfstream Aerospace Service Corp.
7 Char Dr.
Gulfstream Aerospace Service Corp.

J & A Overhead Door, LLC
1006 Southampton Road
Brian Harvey

Jessica and Co.
277 Elm St.
Jessica Duffy

K-9 Services
3 Klondike Ave.
Donna Blews

Munchy’s Malt Shop
24 North Elm St.
Munchy’s Malt Shop


Class General Contracting
425 Union St.
Brian Amand

D & A Home Service
83 South Blvd.
Dmitry Ivanov

Milla’s International Cleaning Service
298 Elm St.
Lyudmila Kolesnik

Namaste Adult Daycare
69 Capital Dr.
Dinesh Patel

Precision Manufacturing
54 Myron St.
Peter Bogdan Urbanek


Alisha Evelyn’s Silver Shears
2141K Boston Road
Alisha DeRosier

Life Care Center of Wilbraham
2399 Boston Road
Wilbraham Medical Investors, LP

Matthew Middleton Electrician
2 Bradlind Ave.
Matthew Middleton

Pickleball Vibe
1028 Stony Hill Road
Xuan Le

Platinum Beverage Services, LLC
1070 Glendale Road
Darren Vickery

Wilbraham & Monson Academy
423 Main St.
Brian Easler

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of March 2019.


Amherst College
151 College St.
$20,000 — Remove and replace nine existing antennas with six new antennas and install nine new remote radio heads


Berkshire Retail-C, LLC
185 Exchange St.
$5,000 — Remove demising wall

City of Chicopee
104 Baskin Dr.
$25,000 — Construct fiber-optic shed

Daryl Dumala
31 Main St.
$5,000 — Demolish and remove brick structure and regrade area

Grace Slavic Pentecostal Church
5 Meadow St.
$2,000 — Add parapet to rear garage wall

OSJ of Chicopee, LLC
1445 Memorial Dr.
$344,000 — Roofing


Mountain View Investors
31 Union St.
$30,000 — Interior buildout for new restaurant


John Koehler
37 Silvio O. Conte Dr.
$6,000 — Replace rotted cedar clapboards with new siding

O’Reilly Auto Enterprises, LLC
461 Bernardston Road
$1,047,601 — Construct new pre-engineered metal building for O’Reilly Auto Parts


360 Russell, LLC
360 Russell St.
$8,000 — Alter ground sign and wall signs for Verizon Wireless

207 Russell St.
$142,000 — Interior buildout of demised tenant space for Hadley Meadows Dental

FDF Realty, LLP
299 Russell St.
$3,605 — Remove roof and wall to make rear exit safe at Rocky’s Ace Hardware


Glenmeadow Inc.
24 Tabor Crossing
$4,500 — Remove wall to accommodate mechanical removal and replace wall

The Longmeadow Mall, LP
827 Williams St.
$105,000 — Remodel existing interior commercial space at Ahearn Holtzman Inc.


Atwood Drive, LLC
15 Atwood Dr.
$2,300 — Non-illuminated wall sign for Hampshire Probate

City of Northampton
Bridge Street
$1,000 — Replace exterior door and frame at Bridge Street Cemetery

Taco Bell of America, LLC
203 King St.
$2,700 — Front wall sign at KFC restaurant

Thornes Marketplace, LLC
150 Main St., Suite 365
$13,700 — Renovate existing office


IDS Properties
18 East Palmer Park Dr.
$20,000 — Roofing, siding, windows, and garage doors

Dmitry Voloshinov
1415 Main St.
$96,379 — Create six exam rooms for physical therapy and a reception area, and remodel two bathrooms


Boston Road/Pasco Rt. 20 Retail, LLC
1324 Boston Road
$6,000 — Install fire suppression for hood system at KFC restaurant

Congregation Beth El
979 Dickinson St.
$10,000 — Interior demolition for future buildout of sanctuary

Drama Studio Inc.
41 Oakland St.
$74,621 — Install rooftop solar modules

William Julian Jr.
1019 St. James Ave.
$15,000 — Alter space for restroom reconfiguration and accessibility requirements and repair ceiling at Subway restaurant

1295 State St.
$608,000 — Alter interior office space on third floor


118 Main Street Ware, LLC
55 East St.
$7,000 — Install new window and repair exterior stairs behind building


73 State Street, LLC
30 Capital Dr.
$9,890 — Install two doorways

Crepes Tea House
261 Union St.
$15,000 — Roofing

JLL Real Estate, LLC
57 Wayside Ave/
$825,500 — Construct storage-unit facility comprised of four buildings

Dinesh Patel
69 Capital Dr.
$126,000 — Partition wall, rehabilitate window and door openings

Dinesh Patel
69 Capital Dr.
$15,000 — Convert Pace School to adult day care

Tyler Saremi
39-41 Bliss St.
$18,000 — Roofing

Verizon Wireless
380 Union St.
Swap three antennas and three remote radio heads


2387 Boston Road Wilbraham, LLC
2387 Boston Road
$289,177 — Roofing

Eagle Cove, LLC
2650 Boston Road
$6,000 — Hood exhaust blower/duct work

Wilbraham & Monson Academy
552 Mountain Road
$23,000 — Kitchen renovation and roofing

DBA Certificates

The following business certificates and trade names were issued or renewed during the month of March 2019.


Advanced Healthcare Consulting
163 Northampton Road
Kathleen Haughton

Athena’s Pizza
65 University Dr.
Kemalettin Ibas

IYA Sushi and Noodle Kitchen
One East Pleasant St., Suite 2

Stolle Intelligent Machine Consulting
222 North East St., Apt. 4
Frank Stolle, Heyue Stolle

Tree of Life
1261 South East St.
Andrew Hatfield


Ace Repair and Maintenance
9 Eastview Dr.
Anthony Ceria Jr.

Amy’s Animals
170 Jackson St.
Amy Clegg

Beauty of Orchards
1 Main St.
Charisma Som

Brett’s Property Service
549 South Washington St.
Brett Crowther

Feathers & Fur Pet Care Services, LLC
589 Federal St.
Peggy McLeod, Robert McLeod

Kitchen Works II
270 West St.
James Austin


Express Mini Mart
95 School St.
Muhammad Khawasa

Health Science Academy Booster Club
820 Front St.
Danielle Hill, Carrie Vickers

Lab Rats Medical Courier
37 John St.
Ellery Brevard

LightHouse Realty
1199 Grattan St.
Vaycheslav Fokgha

MCL Landscaping
15 Yorktown Court
Jason Cancel, Ashley Harder

Medical Resources Home Health Corp.
450 Memorial Dr., Suite 401
G. Scott Herman


Leo’s Table
55A North Main St.
Jennifer Howard

On Cue Global
8 Old Main St.
Katherine Arms


Dogwood Trees
8 Groveland St.
Stephen Chute

Embark Films
116 Pleasant St., Suite 245
Dmitry Gordievsky

Pioneer Valley Fencing Academy
94 Cottage St.
Paul Sise

SET Americas Inc.
180 Pleasant St., Suite 207
Christopher Bakker

Tech 180 Corp.
180 Pleasant St., Suite 211
Christopher Bakker


A & E Styles
2 North Main St.
Emanuela Hernandez

422 North Main St.
Hong Huang

Justin Howell Site Welding Services
475 Somers Road
Justin Howell

Lambert & Pryor Insurance Agency
595 North Main St.
Mark Lambert


Bedrooms by Andy’s
329 Deerfield St.
Joseph Easton

Endless Beauty Boutique
83 Thayer Road
Tammy Zellmann

Eversource Energy
215 Shelburne Road
NStar Electric Co.

Extreme Styles
34 Bank Row
Linda Peters

Greenfield Coffee
1 Bank Row
Curtis Rich

Homespun by Andy’s
329 Deerfield St.
Joseph Easton

Kevin’s Auto Body & Sales
35 Montague City Road
Kevin LaBelle

Lucy Fagella Pottery
86 Leyden Road
Lucy Fagella

Magickal Moments
72 Smith St.
Robert Cross, Cindy Cross

Margaret’s Cleaning Service
54 Grove St.
Margaret Fisher

Mr. Hamdi’s Tailoring
367 Main St.
Hamdi Yildiz

Sudzway Laundromat
343 Federal St.
Xin On Zheng, Ming Yan Lu


Jay Bug Apparel
206 Pine St., Apt. 2
Jesus Tanon

Kim Lee Nails
322 Appleton St.
Luy Nguyen

Lacus Systems
245 Lacus Dr.
Michael Hearn

Muse Custom Framing
220 South Water St.
Debra Luzny

New Horizons Child Care
189 Pine St.
Felicita Lopez

The Right Touch Painting
1069 Main St.
Ramon Ortiz

Sadie Spins Yarn
65 Sycamore St.
Sadie Cora

Stop and Go
399 Hillside Ave.
Rajendra Modi

50 Holyoke St., Suite D263
Chris Miller


Bella Couture Salon & Day Spa
154 East St.
Michelle Ruark

SAS Comfort Shoes
433 Center St.
Donna Wishart

Warrior Nation Xtreme Fighters Alliance
885 East St.
Jess Camp


1812 Paint and Body
130 Spring St.
Kristopher Pease

Arrive Yoga
90 King St.
Lise Lawrence

Duffy Tire Service
252 Bridge St.
James Duffy

Eliza Rose Psychotherapy
40 Center St., Suite 1
Eliza Daniels

2 Conz St., #38
Brent Anderson

Genesis of Northampton
347 King St.
Carla Cosenzi-Zayac

Hair Etc.
2 Conz St., Unit 8
Kathleen Mologoski

Northampton Coffee
269 Pleasant St.
Annabelle Lytle-Rich

Old English Services
68 Williams St.
Robert Englaish

Orein Arts
161 South St., #1R
Nicholas Maione

Riddle and Jinx
48 Country Way
Emily Lopuch

Salon 68
2 Conz St., Unit 8
Robin LaFleur

Smith Corner Convenience
8-10 Green St.
Mohamed Abdulazeez

Tart Baking Co.
192 Main St.
Annabelle Lytle-Rich

Yesko Group
336 Hatfield St., Apt. D
Yao Kouame, Rodolphe Silvere


Mind Over Matter
1223 Thorndike St.
Emily Arena

Ortiz Trinity Services
46 Walnut St.
Pamela Ortiz

Palmer Antiques Co-op, LLC
1239 South Main St.
Louise Krassler, Michael Krassler

Positivity Magic, LLC
2064 Main St.
Jonas Cain

Pure Flight Disc Golf
1478 North Main St.
Jeffrey Fleury, Pete Charron

R.J. Foskit Building & Remodeling
42 Barker St.
Ronald Foskit

Rondeau’s Dairy Bar, LLC
1300 Ware Road
Michael Rondeau


Angel’s Auto Detailing
1122 St. James Ave.
Angel Rivera

Angie’s Elegance Boutique
88 Commonwealth Ave.
Angela Soto

344 Bay St.
Jahaira Torres

125 Marsden St.
Carolina Velasquez

Centro de Herbalife
195 Pine St.
Maria Perez

Exclusive Flooring
56 Lois St.
Deanna Silva

The Final Touch Barber Shop
821 State St.
Clarence Smith

Forest Park Real Estate & Financial Services
668 Dickinson St.
Son Vo

Hafey Funeral Service & Cremation
494 Belmont Ave.
Forastiere Family

Kajukembo Self Defense
441 White St.
Glenn Sullivan

Kings and Queens Clothing
1655 Boston Road
Bria Wilson

Lily Crow Aesthetics
899 Carew St.
Lilian Ramos David

Los Bravos Restaurant
1003 St. James Ave.
Ronald Soto

Nick’s Auto Parts
13 Naismith Place
Usman Nadeen

Nidia Cleaning
48 Kenwood Park
Nidia Perez Luna

Otero Multi Services
97 Ardmore St.
Raysa Otero

Racsey Transport
41 Tyler St.
Carlos Otero

Radio Mi Casa y Serviremos a Jehova
66 Sorrento St.
Elvin Rivera

Star KS Transformation
917 Sumner Ave.
Anthony Starks

Taylor Made Communication
1500 Main St., Suite 1
Michael Taylor

Tejada Gonzalez Market
21 Locust St.
Carlos Tejada

Unique Beauty Salon
170 Boston Road
Suanne Murrell

United Unlimited Construction
328 Allen St.
Christopher Wright


Creative Little Minds
419 West Road
Tia Boisseau

Guidance for Inner Peace
5 Noble Ave.
Janice Pagano

Kimberly Hatch Photography
77 Mill St.
Kimberly Hatch

Northeast Paving
311 East Mountain Road
Eurovia Atlantic Coast, LLC

Responsible Driving of Westfield
132 Elm St.
Responsible Driving of Westfield

Western Mass Demolition Corp.
64 Medeiros Way
Western Mass Demolition Corp.


DNS Construction, LLC
180 Kings Highway
Nilso Desa

Evgo Services, LLC
143 Park Ave.
Morris Zagha

Evgo Services, LLC
2068 Riverdale St.
Morris Zagha

Imedia Studio
433 Cold Spring Ave.
Denis Iushkov

Ricardo Robles Transportation
190 Day St.
Ricardo Robles

Roy Phoenix Property Management
59 Hewitt St.
Roy Phoenix

SMD and Associates
343 Birnie Ave.
Suzanne Demers

Super Washing Well Laundry
1126 Union St.
David Cortis

The Venetian Bakery
90 Baldwin St.
Adam Oliveri


The Crispy Biscuit
2341 Boston Road
Alison Whitehill

The Massage Clinic
2341 Boston Road, Unit 301
Anne Ambrose

Mitchell Mechanicals
87 Manchonis Road
Russell Mitchell

Touch of G.
2141 Boston Road, Unit K
Gilmarys Marrero

Wilbraham Commons
269 Stony Hill Road
Chris Bowden

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of March 2019.


55 University Drive, LLC
55 University Dr.
$7,500 — Interior demolition, flooring only; acoustical ceilings, trim, sheetrock

Amherst Shopping Center Associates, LLC
181D University Dr.
$67,000 — Build-out for fast-casual Vietnamese sandwich eatery

Slobody Development Corp.
7 Pomeroy Lane
$4,560 — Expand All About Learning to join two spaces via a cased opening; add sink

Town of Amherst
51 Boltwood Walk
$7,390 — Roofing

Trolley Barn Development, LLC
68 Cowls Road
$4,941 — Install three awnings on front of building; install 16 fire-retardant sound panels


City of Chicopee
17 Springfield St.
$11,632,395 — City Hall exterior and auditorium rehab and accessibility upgrades

Edward Chapdelaine
356 Front St.
$10,000 — Repairs

Hyde Park Burgers, LLC
474B Memorial Dr.
$325,000 — Fit-up for Five Guys Burgers & Fries in newly constructed base building


J2K Realty, LLC
55 North Main St.
$10,000 — Construct office in basement


1776 Brewing Co., LLC
30 Fort Hill Road
$65,385 — Install roof-mounted solar array

Denmark Property Group, LLC
126-128 Northampton St.
$20,000 — Install new exhaust hood system


443 Shaker Road
$117,155 — Remove wall in new lab area

443 Shaker Road
$27,940 — Remove interior wall

742 Parker St.
$115,500 — Fire system, rehab, change of use

Iglesia Osdres Nuevos
30 Somers Road
$2,250 — Sign

Pho Delicious
14 Maple St.
$3,000 — Sign

Secure Energy
515 Shaker Road
$1,750 — Modify sprinkler system

Ventry Property
124 Shaker Road
$15,000 — Sheet metal


American House, LLC
258 Main St.
$78,155 — Reconfigure two existing bathrooms for accessibility

Syfeld Greenfield Associates
259 Mohawk Trail
$20,000 — Install fire-alarm system


200 Russell Realty Management, LLC
200 Russell St.
$8,500 — Split HVAC systems with ductwork at the Valley Dentist

207 Russell St., #15
$69,000 — Renovation in new building for Vision Showcase


The Longmeadow Mall, LP
811 Williams St.
$3,000 — New sign for Allstate

Town of Longmeadow
275 Blueberry Hill Road
$70,000 — Install concrete panels at Russell Field to construct wall ball for athletic use


Atwood Drive, LLC
22 Atwood Dr.
$20,000 — T-Mobile to install three antennas, three remote radio units, and hybrid fiber cable to existing antenna platform

City of Northampton
320 North Maple St.
Interior renovations to DPW maintenance building

Dipwell Co. Inc.
106 Industrial Dr.
$184,000 — Construct modular clean room within existing building

Hampshire Franklin & Hampden Agricultural Society
54 Fair St.
$15,000 — Install metal roof on farm museum building along with new ventilation

Wesley Malzone
238 Bridge St.
$7,500 — Demolition

Matt & Nick, LLC
199 Pine St.
$1,296,771 — Roof-mounted solar system

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
85 Beacon St.
$21,056 — Remodel existing single-user toilet room for accessibility at Church of the Annunciation

Smith College
54 Green St.
$5,000 — Exterior rot repair

Thornes Marketplace
150 Main St.
$45,000 — Remodel existing second-floor women’s restroom to meet building code and ADA compliance


Enisde Properties, LLC
1372 Main St.
$8,000 — Interior demolition

Penna Holdings, LLC
1497 North Main St.
$30,200 — Roofing

1520 North Main St.
Repairs after vehicle struck gas station


Apremont Properties, LLC
492 Bridge St.
$20,000 — Alter interior tenant space for retail liquor store

Baystate Medical Center Inc.
759 Chestnut St.
$184,179 — Alter office space

Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
12 MGM Way
$485,000 — Alter existing shell space for a new plaza bar at MGM Springfield

Center Square Inc.
1441 Main St.
$50,000 — Alter tenant office space on 12th floor

Scott Humphries
155 Maple St.
$5,000 — Relocate existing counter bar

Dinesh Patel
1500 Main St.
$675,000 — Alter tenant space on street level for a day-care center; alter tenant space on second floor for YMCA fitness center; alter tenant space on second floor for YMCA business office space


2034-2040 Boston Road, LLP
2040 Boston Road
$18,000 — Interior buildout of Unit A

Blue Elephant
2000 Boston Road
$13,000 — New sign

Rice’s Fruit Farm
751-753 Main St.
$54,500 — Complete floor framing, interior framing, windows, bedroom, kitchen, and bath

Rice’s Fruit Farm
757 Main St.
$8,000 — New goat shed

Sullivan & Associates Inc.
113 Stony Hill Road
$1,450 — Three replacement windows