Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of February 2020.


Mauro Aniello
71 North Pleasant St.
$14,594 — Construct employee storage locker, new partition wall, new door, mop sink closet with door

Messer Investments Inc.
90 Gatehouse Road
$468,000 — Interior renovation of existing wood-framed building, new roof dormer, two additions


City of Chicopee
725 Front St.
$29,115 — Two clean agent fire suppression systems

DKRV Commercial Properties, LLC
1247 East Main St.
$40,000 — Repair damage to interior and exterior walls


A-Z Rental Properties
4 Liberty St.
$15,000 — Remodel existing office space

City of Easthampton
200 Park St.
New access road, building excavation, drainage, utilities, sewer- and water-line construction

Crown Meadow Corp.
232 Park St.
$1,129,865 — Ground-mounted solar photovoltaic array

Eastworks, LLP
116 Pleasant St.
$80,000 — Demolish and remove smokestack down to chimney base

Charles Edward Realty Trust
32 Union St.
$1,000 — Install five signs, replace faces on existing free-standing sign

RVC Properties, LLC
228 Northampton St.
$3,907,500 — Construct new grocery store


Berkshire Bank
72 Shaker Road
Sheet metal


Bank of America
471 Bernardston Road
Change face of signs

Valley Steel Stamp Inc.
15 Greenfield Road
Install solar panels on roof


Hadley Corner, LLC
344 Russell St.
$1,500 — Wall sign for Joy Bowl

Target Corp.
369 Russell St.
$11,542 — Interior renovations, including finish updates, minor reconfiguration, replace lighting, plumbing, modifications to HVAC and sprinkler; exterior work, including new finishes at entrance, signage, and repainting

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
355 Russell St.
$8,000 — New wall sign for Sports Clips


Commonwealth of Massachusetts
215 Laurel St.
$25,000 — AT&T to remove three existing antennas and six existing TMAs, install three new antennas and six new TMAs with two new coaxial lines

Patriot Armored Systems Holding, LLC
100 Valley St.
$220,000 — Construct two additions

Prime Retail, LP
50 Water St.
$5,026 — Replace gas-fired RTU


Church Street Inn, LLC
16 Church St.
$203,000 — Remodel and renovate existing bathrooms

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
55 Lee Road
$81,173 — Install fire-protection sprinklers in great hall


GPT Longmeadow, LLC
670 Bliss Road
$4,000 — New sign for Peoples United Bank


Janet Egelston
11 Brewster Court
$120,000 — Add seating to brewhouse area, reducing brew-space area

Janet Egelston
11 Brewster Court
$55,000 — Add two bathrooms

Janet Egelston
11 Brewster Court
$49,000 — Sunroom renovation

Masonic Street Trust
32 Masonic St.
$713,000 — Fire repair

Massachusetts Electric Co.
545 Haydenville Road
$230,000 — Roofing

Resinate of Northampton
110 Pleasant St.
$154,000 — Build out retail cannabis store


1001 Thorndike St.
$105,500 — Interior remodeling at CVS

Boston Road/Pasco Rt. 20 Retail, LLC
1340 Boston Road
$250,000 — Alter tenant space for a fit-out for Starbucks

City of Springfield
130 Pearl St.
$8,000 — Construct closet in Police Department garage area for body-cam program

1341 Main St.
$2,000,000 — Convert second, third, and fourth floors of mixed-use structure into 18 apartments

Hoffman Financial Team
140 High St.
$238,000 — Replace drywall and cosmetic work in office space

Icarian Real Estate Advisors, LLC
109 Mill St.
$11,400 — Alter tenant space to create accessible restroom in taekwondo studio

RVN Storage I, LLC
55 Fisk Ave.
$3,800,000 — Alter space and add a second level for Life Storage facility

Springfield 3640 Medical Properties, LLC
3640 Main St.
$55,282 — Alter medical tenant office space in Suite 302 for Advanced Vein Care Center

Springfield Investors, LLC
1105 Boston Road
$24,000 — Alter space to remove, relocate, and add fixtures at checkout in Walmart


Tony Alfarone
1140 Memorial Ave.
$50,000 — Renovate existing building

Center for Human Development
229 City View Ave.
$4,128.92 — Remove iron railing along edge of elevated floor and stairs, replace with wall, construct new stairs

Go Gri Bros. Inc.
3 Central St.
$5,000 — Remove wall and insulate, remove and reinstall exterior brick veneer, repair exterior door

Pauline Paige
82 Lower Massachusetts Ave.
$90,000 — Repair from tree strike, including framing, roofing, and interior repairs

Source of Life Church
802 Main St.


2030 Boston Road, LLC
2030 Boston Road
$85,000 — Renovate existing interior space into realty office

JCE Realty, LLC
2377 Boston Road
$199,000 — Remove and replace wall partitions and finishes to create dental office