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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of January 2013.




Ellen Dave, LLC

151 Springfield St.

$116,000 — Convert space to sports facility


Keith and Kevin King

168 Elm St.

$105,000 — Construct loading dock and ramp




Doverbrook Estates

1140 Pendleton Ave.

$24,000 — Replace vinyl siding




31 Ames Street, LLC

31 Ames St.

$3,500 — Repair ceilings, walls, and floors on the first floor


FBBT/US Properties, LLC

137 Federal St.

$67,000 — Interior renovations


Franklin County Community Development Corporation

324 Wells St.

$107,000 — Replace insulation and siding




Holyoke Gas & Electric

30 Water St.

$20,000 — Install new flooring and replace cabinets and backboard


Holyoke Mall Company, L.P.

50 Holyoke St.

$43,000 — Install new ‘cash wrap counter’ and lighting for Gap store


Holyoke Mall Company, L.P.

50 Holyoke St.

$15,000 — Install new store signs for Hobby Lobby


SBA Communications

88 Southampton Road

$20,000 — Remove and replace electrical equipment cabinet and backboard



171 Pine St.

$31,000 — Cosmetic update




Interlock Industries

17 Lyman Ter.

$50,000 — New roof




Eight Iron, LLC

145 Armory St.

$5,000 — New roof


Joseph Bonavita

1504 Allen St.

$49,500 — New roof



1 Armory Square

$17,000 — Renovation of 675 square feet in Building 6




Cellular Sales

495 East Main St.

$249,000 — Interior renovations for a store




Tween Brands

935 Riverdale St.

$239,000 — Renovation of tenant space

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