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The following is a compilation of recent lawsuits involving area businesses and organizations. These are strictly allegations that have yet to be proven in a court of law. Readers are advised to contact the parties listed, or the court, for more information concerning the individual claims.

All Metals Industries Inc. v. Baystate Metal Solutions Inc. and Patricia A. Fernandez
Allegation: Breach of contract: $113,198.95
Filed: 2/5/15

EP Floors Corp. v. The Polycube Company, LLC and Recycle Inc.
Allegation: Breach of contract: $120,000
Filed: 2/25/15

Michael E. Anderson v. Toyota Motor Sales
Allegation: Product liability: $500,000
Filed: 2/11/15

Pioneer Tool Supply Co. Inc. v. AMK Welding Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of goods sold and delivered: $39,826.63
Filed: 2/13/15

S & K Distribution, LLC d/b/a New Castle Building Products v. Morris Roofing and Sheet Metal Corp. and Steven N. Kravitz
Allegation: Breach of contract and non-payment of materials provided: $12,000
Filed 2/13/15

Amand Chouinard v. Publisher Circulation Fulfillment Inc., Paul Racine, Jason Coones, Steve Fletcher, and Chris Robare
Allegation: Sexual harassment and discrimination: $25,000+
Filed: 1/26/15

Christine Nutter v. Tractor Supply Co.
Allegation: While shopping, plaintiff fell off of a loading dock: $79,715.14
Filed: 2/21/15

Mary P. and Michael D. Boudreau v. William Ryder Funeral Home Inc.
Allegation: Breach of funeral-service contract: $2,000. Filed: 2/3/15


James Hall v. Green Tree Servicing, LLC
Allegation: The plaintiff had a mortgage with the defendant’s company which he paid off with the sale of the home, but the defendant refused to discharge, causing economic damage: $24,800
Filed: 1/2/15

Janelle Johnson, as parent of her minor child, Samuel Johnson v. Spirit Halloween
Allegation: Negligent maintenance of Halloween display causing injury: $2,430.10
Filed: 1/20/15

Marcelino Ortiz Jr. v. Bowditch, LLC d/b/a Northampton Lodging House
Allegation: When attempting to open a window in a room the plaintiff was renting from the defendant, the window came off the hinges and fell on the plaintiff’s head: $2,947.81
Filed: 2/9/15

Reinhart Food Services, LLC v. The Sub & Pizza of Amherst Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of goods sold and delivered: $6,336.91
Filed: 2/20/15

Basette Printers, LLC d/b/a Bassette Company v. Encompass Design Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of goods sold and delivered: $8,340.79
Filed: 2/6/15

Crystal Window and Door Systems, LTD v. Lizotte Glass Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of goods sold and delivered: $34,260.48
Filed: 1/26/15

Sanmar Corp. v. Turbo Screen Painting, LLC
Allegation: Non-payment of goods sold and delivered: $12,738.66
Filed: 2/12/15

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