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Court Dockets

The following is a compilation of recent lawsuits involving area businesses and organizations. These are strictly allegations that have yet to be proven in a court of law. Readers are advised to contact the parties listed, or the court, for more information concerning the individual claims.


Hampden Superior Court

Ryan Close, p/p/a Christina Benson v. Dyanne Tappin, MD et al
Allegation: Medical malpractice: $25,000+
Filed: 10/13/16

Kocayne Givner v. J. Savage Inc., Jay Savage, and Gabriela Alcantara Pohis
Allegation: Monies owed for services, labor, and materials: $44,416.67
Filed: 10/13/16

Valerie Carter-Stone, personal representative of the estate of Alfred Carter v. Marc Norris, MD
Allegation: Medical malpractice: $25,000+
Filed: 10/17/16

Jessica Blanchard v. Teavana Corp. and Peter King
Allegation: Employment discrimination: $25,000+
Filed: 10/20/16


Hampshire Superior Court

David A. Woods v. Aquadro & Cerruti Inc. and Daniel O’Connell’s Sons Inc.
Allegation: Negligence on construction job site causing personal injury requiring 10 months of treatment: $92,630.28
Filed: 10/17/16

DLW Realty, LLC v. O’Leary Group Inc., MetLife Insurance Co. of Connecticut d/b/a Travelers Insurance Co.
Allegation: Contract dispute: $31,100.68
Filed: 10/17/16


Franklin Superior Court

Jerome Willard a/k/a Decorator’s Workroom v. Molly Aitken
Allegation: Monies owed for renovations and improvements to defendant’s property: $72,013.06
Filed: 9/21/16

Paulette Leukhardt v. Amherst College Corp. and Board of Trustees
Allegation: Employment discrimination: $105,209
Filed: 9/26/16


Palmer District Court

Perkins Paper LLC v. Malaru LLC d/b/a Blackjack Bar & Grill and Mark Laramee
Allegation: Monies owed for goods sold and delivered: $9,930.78
Filed: 10/5/16

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