DBA Certificates Departments

Doing Business as Certificates

The following Business Certificates and Trade Names were issued or renewed during the month of October 2015.


Affordable Refinishing
63 Tina Lane
Juan Lopez

Bella Ness
168 Elm St.
Vanessa Tuttle

Hair Impressions
525 Springfield St.
Jill Traska

New England Educators Insurance
1325 Springfield St.
Brett Ralph

The Doggie Dood
27 White Birch Terrace
Ryan Osborne


A Plus Auto Sales
9 Avon Place
Angel M. Albelo

E & C Services
19 Concord Ave.
Edward J. Glica

Gio Calendars & Toys
50 Holyoke St.
Hassan B. Khalio

Room to Room Cleaning
40 Laurel St.
Jeanne Edmond


Joia Beauty
6 Crafts Ave.
Mette Gustavsen

Kristy’s Nails
737 Damon Road
Hai H. Nguyen

Phoenix Upholstery
221 Pine St.
Brian Gross

Revival Body Work & Massage
241 King St.
Yong Li

Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters
124 King St.
Curtis Rich

Symbols & Cymbals
415 Prospect St.
Nerissa Nields-Duffy


My Plus Size E-Closet
34 North St.
Maura Avery

Palmer Auto Mall, LLC
1219 Thorndike St.
Raymond Recor

1411 Main St.
Speedway, LLC


J & R Simmons Group
799 Sumner Ave.
Jacqueline Simmons

J.T. Home Improvement
72 Waverly St.
John Thornton

Mamajuana Restaurant
1060 Wilbraham Road
Luis East Springfield

Marsh and Marsh Enterprises
24 Arbutus St.
Lascelles G. Marsh

MZ Creations
16 Ringgold St.
Michelle Martinez

Nem Tile and Design
31 Clarendon St.
Andre Alleyne

Orchard Imports
1213 Worcester St.
D’Juan Barklow

Pleasant Snack Bar
174 Main St.
Avon L. Porfirio

Premier Lifestyle
148 Jamestown Dr.
Kyle Griffith

Resources and People
29 Ridgecrest St.
Elizabeth Hogan

Saludy Vida
2660 Main St.
Blanca Nieves

Six Corner Stone Pizzeria
305 Walnut St.
Adnan Yildirim

Smily’s Spot
471 Boston Road
Fazul U. Rehman

Software Providers
101 State St.
Lynne Govoni

Top Shelf Landscaping
128 Dewitt St.
Troy A. Gadreault


Bloomfield Landscaping
868 Southampton Road
William Bloomfield

Dancer’s Image
77 Mill St.
Beth Drugan

Mary Kay Beauty Consulting
11 Heggie Dr.
Michael Harling

Paws of Nature
11 Brentwood Dr.
Jill H. Rose

Under an Ivy Moon
36 Noble St.
Marie McCutchen

Westfield Action Sports Photography
1417 East Mountain Road
John Sharon

Wolf Paw Creations
67 Highland Ave.
William L. Johnston


American Executive Connection
1642 Westfield St.
Kevin Anderson

Bumblebee Booths
140 New Bridge St.
Aloysius Alamed

Cashway Oil
75 Union St.
David Vickers

Dollar Express
1150 Union St.
Dollar Express Stores

Firestone Tire & Service
501 Memorial Ave.
Daniel J. Hamlett

Readings by Margurite
1353 Riverdale St.
Margurite Miller

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