DBA Certificates Departments

Doing Business as Certificates

The following Business Certificates and Trade Names were issued or renewed during the month of June 2014.


A-1 Inspection Services
569 Springfield St.
Kelly Nadeau

Bellerose Realty, LLC
85 Peros Dr.
Glen Bellerose

DDMJ Transportation
712 South West St.
Vitaliy V. Ganovsky

Digiphoto Entertainment Imaging
1623 Main St.
Michael Madden

M & H Handyman Services
18 Arrowood Dr.
Kenneth E. Mayo

Marasi Pool Water
32 Horsham Place
Steven Marasi


Center for Yoga & Healing Arts
17 Kellogg Ave.
Patricia Townsend

Innate Body Wisdom Physical Therapy
96 North Pleasant St.
Marjorie Giliberto

Let’s Go Dog Walking Service
153 High St.
Laura Robinson


Bellz Eco-Tech Cleaning Services
419 Montcalm St.
Vickie Washington

Echo Painting
78 Aarendon Ave.
Igor Morozov

My Tech Guy
675 Rendleton Ave.
Luis Rivera

Spagnoli’s Catering
587 Grattan St.
Louise Spagnoli

Sunny Day Lawn Care
16 Victoria Park
Nicholas Stiles


City Corner Convenience
579 Dwight St.
Mohammad Bashir

50 Holyoke St.
Mary Dent

JC Mini Market
4 Adams St.
John C. Almonte

Karfoke Social Club
293 Clemente St.
Daniel Rios

Know Your Business
256 Maple St.
Christina Stevenson

Malls Convenience
50 Holyoke St.
Khushal Gogri

Manny’s Pizza
510 Westfield St.
Charlene M. Fantakis

New England Fish & Chip
530 High St.
Frankie Cardona

Pizza Shop
172 Sergeant St.
Imiran Racheel

The Danish Hot Dog
50 Holyoke St.
Niels Christiansen

Volt Scooter
56 Nonotuck St.
Kenneth L. Harstine


College Planning Services
8 Tiffany Lane
Ruth Delisle

DFB Tech
440 Westhampton Road
Daniel Burke

Potential Energy Consulting
26 Crescent St.
Michael Jaeger

Terra Vinca
78 South Main St.
Sarah Harvey

The Tigerlily Salon
122 Main St.
Christina Grail

Valve Spring
79 Bland Road
Christina Divigard


NexCentury Entertainment
1125 Thorndike St.
Alexander Sopollec

Never Forget Publishing
120 Peterson Road
Justin Lincoln

Palmer Hobbies
1428 Main St.
William Lanza

Sundance Industries
10 Willoughby Lane
Wayne Degon


110K Entertainment
318 Locust St.
Joseph Janas

A & D Tool
34 Front St.
Felix Dynak

Advantics Inc.
101 King St.
Suzette T. Cotton

All About Business
1655 Main St.
Ralph Rodriguez

Amir M. Parach
156 Island Pond Road
Amir M. Parach

Antojitos Criollos
197 Plainfield St.
Luis A. Alvarado

Arcangel Auto Repair
100 Verge St.
Arcangel Mattei

Auto Kings, LLC
867 Boston Road
John Feliciano

Bader Alazam
43 Blanding St.
Bader Alazam

Beyond Glamorous
14 Bryant St.
Latisha Smith

Boston Revolutionary
139 Ithaca St.
Stephen Joseph

Collectibles Items
75 Dwight Dr.
Thuy Trann

Congregation Torah
2 Eunice Dr.
Alliance of Orthodox

D & B Towing
141 Carver St.
David Reyes

Dean’s Sewer & Drain
134 Sunrise Terrace
Dean Veratti

E.T. Boutique
528 Main St.
Edward Hernandez

Environment Control
471 Forest Hill Road
Timothy C. Foley

Feng Enterprises
42 Berkshire Ave.
Feng Zheng

Fu Yuan
1203 Parker St.
Paul M. Chen

GForce Enterprise
69 Mohegan Ave.
Gennaro T. Danielle

Grez Automotive, LLC
604 Boston Road
Pan Siphanoum

International Auto Sales
715 Liberty St.
Ryan M. Conway

Ivan Kasana
1655 Boston Road
Ivan Kasana

J & P Commercial Cleaning
320 Goodwin St.
Judith Maldonado

J.C. Williams Community Center
116 Florence St.
Katishia Gallishaw

J.O. Associates
34 Front St.
Jeffrey Orchyrmowicz

JJ’s Kiddy Kab
50 Massachusetts Ave.
Shuana Amanda

King Cow Jerky
64 Magnolia Terrace
Bob Wool

The Hair Parlor
524 Main St.
Sarah Christine

Urban Gear Inc.
1640 Main St.
Jin Woo

Verizon Wireless
1420 Boston Road
Alice C. Brennan

Weldon Rehabilitation
233 Carew St.
Kevin A. Jourdain


A & J Landscaping
70 East Silver St.
Antonio Goncalves

Awilda’s Hair Care
18 Arnold St.
Awilda Colombani

International Food Market
45 Meadow St.
Alex Altman

Ray of Hope International Church
15 Summer St.
Parlad Gurung

Richard Keith Ringer
11 Crestwood Circle
Richard K. Ringer

Sophisticated Production
33 Stuart Place
Melissa R. Tessier

St. Jean Appliance
459 Southwick Road
Randy C. St. Jean


Ballard Mack Sales
124 Ashley Ave.
John Picking

Bare Skin
470 Westfield St.
Amanda Douglas

Comfort Inn & Suites
106 Capital Ave.
Nataver Inc.

Licensed Avon Beauty
250 Westfield St.
Deborah L. Scharmann

24 East School St.
Aleksey Baedakov

Rikoh Americas Corporation
1 Interstate Dr.
Ricoh Americas

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