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Good Dog Spot Donates Pet Oxygen Masks to Local Fire Departments

CHICOPEE — Losing a pet in a house fire can be life shattering. While a human’s first instinct is to run from the fire, a pet’s first instinct is to hide. Because of this, pets are more vulnerable to injury from flames and smoke inhalation.

While fire-rescue teams manage to rescue pets from burning homes, they cannot revive them unless they have the proper equipment — pet oxygen masks. To make sure local fire departments are equipped with proper resources, the Good Dog Spot in Chicopee has donated two pet oxygen masks to the Chicopee and South Hadley fire departments.

These masks are specially designed in a cone shape to fit the noses and muzzles of dogs and cats. Equipped with a rubber seal, they are a comfortable fit for any size pet and help keep their mouths closed. In pet CPR, the pet’s mouth is closed, and breaths are delivered directly into the nostrils. Pet oxygen masks mimic the action of CPR and provide a strong flow of oxygen.

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