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Happier Valley Comedy Welcomes Meghan Lynch as New Board Member

HADLEY — Happier Valley Comedy, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing more laughter, joy, and ease to Western Mass. (and the world) through the tenets of improv comedy, named Meghan Lynch to its board of directors.

Lynch is the CEO of Six-Point Creative in Springfield, a brand strategy agency serving second-stage businesses. Lynch co-founded Six-Point in 2007 and was named an Enterprising Woman of the Year in 2019 for her company’s growth and her commitment to supporting other women entrepreneurs.

Lynch first became acquainted with Happier Valley Comedy when its president and founder, Pam Victor, facilitated a THROUGH LAUGHTER Professional Development workshop for the Women Presidents’ Organization, of which she’s a member.

“That workshop took place on the due date for Meghan’s baby,” Victor recalled. “She was ready to give birth and so totally wiped out that she had to sit and observe most of the workshop. I think she was just concentrating on not giving birth right there and then. And yet, when we reconnected a year later, she absolutely astounded me by her ability to perfectly appreciate and encapsulate the benefits of the THROUGH LAUGHTER program. But that just goes to show how good Meghan Lynch is at her job.”

In 2017, Lynch invited Victor to Six-Point Creative to facilitate the first of many professional-development workshops for the staff and clients. “Pam clearly reads her audience well, and had a team of skeptics not only laughing and participating, but also actively using the principles of the workshop within hours of her departure,” Lynch said. “We need to access our place of pure creativity on a daily basis, and this workshop gave us new tools to use in order to do that ourselves and encourage others in to do it. I have never participated in a workshop that was so thoroughly applicable to our daily life, work, and relationships. The return on investment was clear immediately.”

When a seat opened up on the Happier Valley Comedy board of directors, Lynch was at the top of Victor’s wish list. “Meghan brings a tremendous breadth of talents to our board, including her business acumen, sharp intellect, and creative mind,” Victor said. “The fact that she’s not an improviser is a huge benefit too, since we need some more ‘normals’ in the HVC community.”

Happier Valley Comedy is a 501(c)(3) organization and the first and only comedy theater and training program in Western Mass. The organization provides comedy shows, classes, workshops, and professional and personal development services.

“Happier Valley Comedy uses improv as a tool to build truly important skills for both individuals and companies,” Lynch said. “Assuming goodwill, reframing and disempowering failure, taking risks, and finding the joy and ease in our daily lives are things that are so difficult for people to do. We use the tenets of their work in my own company, and we share it with our clients. Now I am excited to help further the mission as a board member.”

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