40 Under 40 Class of 2018

Jacob Wycoff

Meteorologist, Western Mass News; Age 32; Education: BS, Western Connecticut State University

Jacob Wycoff

Jacob Wycoff

For the past three years, Wycoff has been the evening meteorologist with Western Mass News in Springfield. He produces an award-winning segment called “10 Towns in 10 Days,” where he visits local towns to take in the sights and sounds. Wycoff got bit by the weather bug in 1993 during the Storm of the Century. A few years later, Twister was released and solidified his dream to become a weatherman. He is a dedicated husband and proud father, and enjoys giving back to the community through various organizations.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A meteorologist! I’m lucky to have parents and teachers who helped me reach my childhood goal.

How do you define success? The ultimate success in life will be for my daughter to grow up and say I was a great dad. Everything else would be icing on the cake.

What three words best describe you? Caring, funny, loyal.

Who has been your best mentor, and why? I have multiple mentors, mainly from my internship days. Geoff Fox, Bob Ryan, and Vytas Reid were instrumental in helping me shake the nerves and learn the science of TV weather.

What goal do you set for yourself at the start of each day? To live my values every day. It’s also kinda important to get my weather forecast correct.

What are you passionate about? Because of my job, I’ve been able to reach a lot of youngsters through school visits. I look to inspire kids to be whatever they want to be in life, but especially the STEM fields.

What fictional character do you relate to most, and why? Charlie Brown. We both have the same hairline.

Whom do you look up to, and why? I look up to my wife, Sujata, a chemistry teacher turned journalist. She’s someone who epitomizes hard work and dedication. She wasn’t afraid to follow her passion of journalism after being a teacher for six years.

What person, past or present, would you like to have lunch with, and why? St. Francis of Assisi. He’s been a role model of sorts, so much so that I named my daughter in his honor. He gave up worldly goods and lived very simply.

Photography by Leah Martin Photography