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Log Cabin’s Upper Vista to Host First Wedding May 23

HOLYOKE — The Log Cabin has long been one of the region’s most popular outdoor wedding venues, due in large part to the panoramic mountain views from its Mt. Tom location.

Over the past year, the facility has expanded its outdoor facilities on the uppermost clearing above the outdoor patio to create Upper Vista. On May 23, West Springfield couple Adam Hawley and Courtney Juday will be the first bride and groom to be married at the new site.

“The running joke is that no venue was good enough, so I made them build a venue,” said Juday. “While I realize some brides would probably be nervous about this, I have full confidence in the Log Cabin and their staff. I think it’s an honor to be the first wedding.”

Added Peter Rosskothen, co-owner of the Log Cabin, “we are offering couples something very unique. Upper Vista is on the highest point of the property. The view is breathtaking.” Upper Vista features a deluxe tent and building fully equipped with restrooms, a bridal suite, and a kitchen.

Hawley and Juday have many unique features planned for their big day, including a DIY photo booth, homemade props, and hundreds of Japanese cranes, a symbol of good luck. They have also worked closely with the chefs to create a menu that incorporates their favorite food — bacon — into the station concept.

“For some couples, there is a trend toward less traditional venues for weddings,” Rosskothen said. “With Upper Vista, our customers get the experience of the funky outdoor wedding without the logistical headaches of planning it all themselves. They know they can count on our expert wedding staff and excellent chefs to get all the details right.”

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