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PeoplesBank Donation Supports OneHolyoke’s Rent Stabilization Initiative

HOLYOKE — OneHolyoke Community Development Corp. announced a $20,000 donation from PeoplesBank to support OneHolyoke’s Working Families – Rent Stabilization initiative. The lead grant from PeoplesBank has allowed the organization to freeze rents for those in OneHolyoke housing units.

“At a time when housing costs are spiking and rents are becoming unaffordable for many, OneHolyoke has maintained our rents without any increase over the past year,” Executive Director Michael Moriarty said. “We are able to accomplish this due to the community partnerships we have formed leading to grants such as this $20,000 gift from PeoplesBank. PeoplesBank understands the importance of community, and we appreciate their partnership in this important initiative to keep housing that is affordable to families in Holyoke.”

OneHolyoke manages more than 160 units of non-subsidized housing in the Holyoke neighborhoods of the Flats, Churchill, and South Holyoke.

According to Matt Bannister, PeoplesBank’s senior vice president, Marketing and Corporate Responsibility, “we were founded in Holyoke, and supporting the city has always been one of our top priorities. In these difficult times, that has become even more important to us. We hope that enabling the residents of these neighborhoods to have a little bit of extra assistance will provide some relief and contribute to strengthening the community. We applaud OneHolyoke CDC for their efforts.”