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State Treasurer, Citizens Launch Worth and Wealth Seminars to Empower Women

BOSTON — State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg’s Office of Economic Empowerment and Citizens have launched registration for their new Worth and Wealth Seminars. These free virtual trainings will equip Massachusetts women with financial skills and knowledge to build confidence in their economic futures. Participants can choose to enroll in one of the two English-speaking sessions taking place in February and March, or in the Spanish-speaking session scheduled in April.

During each session, participants will attend a kickoff event and four subsequent weekly webinars, where they will learn about salary-negotiation skills, employment rights, investing strategies, and many other topics that will benefit them in their career and personal life. Registration is now open at www.worthandwealth.org, and all Massachusetts women are encouraged to sign up. The first cohort kicks off on Wednesday, Jan. 26 and will meet on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. for the following four weeks.

“By providing women access to quality financial-education resources and tools, we help level the economic playing field all across Massachusetts,” Goldberg said. “These seminars will empower participants with the skills to overcome barriers and to attain the jobs they desire and the pay they deserve.”

The Worth and Wealth Seminars are funded by a grant from Citizens to the Economic Empowerment Trust Fund. Citizens staff also volunteer their time to support the program through one-on-one financial-wellness checkups for interested program attendees and lead regional breakout groups to help encourage deeper learning of the topics addressed in the sessions. The Office of Economic Empowerment also created a ‘Partners Circle’ for Worth and Wealth presenters, nonprofit organizations, and state agencies to get involved in the events and spread the word to their constituencies.

“We must remain steadfast in our efforts to ensure that women, who we know have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, are not left behind as the Commonwealth builds back,” said Lisa Murray, president of Citizens Massachusetts. “Financial knowledge is a key lever for economic mobility, and we’re proud to continue our work with the Office of Economic Empowerment helping women build the skills to take control of their financial futures.”