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AIC Campus Security Officer Honored by G4S Secure Solutions USA

SPRINGFIELD — G4S Secure Solutions USA, the provider of campus security services for American International College (AIC), recently recognized 21 outstanding employees from across the country for their service and commitment to company values, including teamwork and collaboration, customer focus, expertise, performance, integrity, and safety first in 2015.

Among those honored for their performance was Custom Protection Officer Omar Aljanabi, who serves on the AIC campus. Aljanabi reports to the G4S Hartford office. In March 2015, he was on foot patrol when he observed a vehicle crash and heard a man yelling for help. Aljanabi radioed campus police dispatch to call the Springfield Police Department while he ran to offer assistance. The driver informed Aljanabi that passengers in the vehicle had suffered serious personal injuries.

Three additional custom protection officers arrived on the scene, and, working as a team, they secured the area and assisted the injured individuals. Aljanabi’s quick reaction to this situation and his immediate response to provide aid in an unknown emergency scene demonstrated his courage and professionalism.

According to Chief of Campus Police David Kuzmeski, “while the AIC campus police serve the college community as their top priority, we have an investment in the greater community and are happy to assist our neighbors where we can in partnership with Springfield Police Department. We’re proud to have Officer Aljanabi with us at AIC.”

G4S operates across six continents in more than 100 countries and employs more than 600,000 people. G4S North America employs more than 56,000 individuals.