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An Appreciation: Tim Brennan Was a Planner and a Visionary

Tim Brennan

Tim Brennan, the long-time executive director of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, who retired only nine months ago, died this week after a short illness. He is being remembered by a legion of family, friends, and people he worked with — and who didn’t work with Tim on something? — as a gentleman, a leader, and, first and foremost, a planner and a visionary.

Tim had a very broad job description in his role with the PVPC, but in large part, it all came down to looking not just years but decades down the road, anticipating (not guessing) what the future would bring, and helping to prepare an entire region for that day.

And he did it exceedingly well. He was passionate about everything from rail service to bike paths to cleaning up the Connecticut River. But mostly, he was passionate about this region and making it a better place — for today, and tomorrow.

Brennan, honored by BusinessWest with its Difference Makers award nearly a decade ago, devoted virtually his entire professional life to the Pioneer Valley and its diverse communities, and this region owes him a great deal. He would say otherwise, of course. He would say only that he was honored to serve.

And that’s just one of the reasons he’ll be greatly missed.


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